To My Darling [For the Dia de Los Muertos competition]

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  • Published: 26 Oct 2015
  • Updated: 26 Oct 2015
  • Status: Complete
Sam is dead with one thing on his mind, his beautiful wife Lyla. Writing her letters from the grave, what will Lyla do with them?


4. Letter 4

My love,

I see you’re finally starting to listen to me. The glint has returned to your eyes, even more so then before. I have to say though that drinking won’t wash away the sorrows of your loss of me, or is it me? Is it the children? Or.. is it him?

See what you’ve pushed me to? I doubt you now because you betrayed me! I did nothing but love and protect you and our family. I worked night and day to put food in our bellies and have a nice roof over our heads and I wasn’t good enough for you.

I understand that you were weak. I hadn’t showed the truth enough leading up to the incident. But I have hope that the girl I love is slowly growing accustomed to the idea that she can come to me now. It’s a pity the kids can’t come with, but all I need is you, Lyla.

Put down the bottle and do what I tell you. The pills are in the bathroom, just as they’ve always been. At first I was worried you would throw them out, but they were always there.

Because you didn’t listen to me, it’s not going to be quick or painless. I promised you a painless death but you retaliated with yells and screams and.. you killed me. That’s the hard truth isn’t it? You know you made a mistake. You took away everything the moment you pulled the trigger.

But true love forgives and I forgive you. But first, take the pills.

I eagerly await you my love.


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