To My Darling [For the Dia de Los Muertos competition]

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  • Published: 26 Oct 2015
  • Updated: 26 Oct 2015
  • Status: Complete
Sam is dead with one thing on his mind, his beautiful wife Lyla. Writing her letters from the grave, what will Lyla do with them?


3. Letter 3



What is wrong with you? Going into town was a bad mistake and now you can see why I always stopped you.

These people, they hate us. They curse our family name, glare and yell at you. They see our ways are evil and sinful. They think I did the wrong thing, but you know, don’t you Lyla? I saw the way you bit your arousing lip as you hurried through the markets towards the courthouse – lifting your skirt so you wouldn’t trip as you ran up the steps.

You are strong, my girl. You really are, but you’re still stupid. Listen to me and all your troubles will fade.

I wanted to tell you it was a bad idea to go for our children. It would only make you appear even more mad. You need to learn to keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell anyone about these letters, don’t tell anyone anymore lies about me.

If you think for a second that the barrier between us is going to protect you from the truth that I am your husband and I saved our family, you are wrong. You have done great damage towards me, but I will forgive you when you finally obey.

Determine where your loyalties lie.


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