The Boy I Left Behind

Winter ends and Summer is told she is moving to America. She doesn't want to go because that will mean leaving Luke Hemming, her best friend and boyfriend, behind in Australia. When she gets there she meets a guy and tries to not forget about Luke, but its hard when Ash is clouding her thoughts. Will she forget about Luke forever?


5. Trouble

Me and Ash went to the airport to pick up Luke together. When we walked into the airport we saw Luke standing by the terminal. When he saw me a smile started lighting up on his face but when he saw Ash he glared. We walked over to him and I introduced them "Ash, meet Luke, Luke, meet Ash" Ash stuck out his hand for Luke to shake but Luke ignored it. "God , Luke, rude" I said. He walked up to me and whispered in my ear "Where did you meet this guy?" "He goes to my school, get used to it" I retorted. We all hopped into my car and started to drive Ash home. We were driving in silence until Ash asked me a question "Hey, Summer, are you going to that party on Friday?" "No, she's not" Luke answered rudely for me  "Actually, yeah, I'll come" I answered with a grin "Great! I'll pick you up and make sure to wear something nice!" He flashed a smirk at Luke and happily muttered "I got your girl" I cracked up laughing. "Oh just stop it you two, you may as well just make out already" Luke growled. And so we did.

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