The Boy I Left Behind

Winter ends and Summer is told she is moving to America. She doesn't want to go because that will mean leaving Luke Hemming, her best friend and boyfriend, behind in Australia. When she gets there she meets a guy and tries to not forget about Luke, but its hard when Ash is clouding her thoughts. Will she forget about Luke forever?


3. School

My mother had already enrolled me in the nearest private-ish high school, so that left me no time to unpack or curl into a ball and cry, but luckily this school didn't have a uniform so i could just lie in my bed for a bit of extra time. I got out of bed at 7:30am because high school was only 5 minutes down the road. I went downstairs to our new kitchen and poured a bowl of rice crispies with chocolate milk and scoffed them down, eager to get to school and get the day over with. I arrived at school to see Electric at the gate with his mates. I walked over to them and I swear I heard one of them wolf whistle. Electric smirked at them "Guys, this is Summer. Summer these idiots are Carl, Tobias, and Axel" he introduced us. I fist bumped Axel, Carl, but Tobias gave me a quick bro hug. Electric made a small disapproving noise at Tobias. We all walked into class together and then the rest of the day pasted in a breeze.

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