The Boy I Left Behind

Winter ends and Summer is told she is moving to America. She doesn't want to go because that will mean leaving Luke Hemming, her best friend and boyfriend, behind in Australia. When she gets there she meets a guy and tries to not forget about Luke, but its hard when Ash is clouding her thoughts. Will she forget about Luke forever?


2. Arriving

I woke up to see the plane landing and didn't process what was going on for a minute until i remembered. My mother said we were leaving to America. Ugh. Life was so unfair, I had to leave my boyfriend and friends to come here and i didn't even know why we had to leave. My mother shook me and I turned around "Huh, yea?" I asked "We need to get off now" she answered "Oh, okay" and with that I got my luggage out of the bag compartment above my head and followed my mother off the plane. As I kept my head down while walking to the terminal I bumped into someone. I dropped my bags as I fell. The guy caught me and set me back onto my feet. "Hi, I'm Electric, or at least that's what my mates call me, but you can call me Electric aswell if you want!" He picked up my bags for me as I answered "Uh, yea, my name's Summer" "Nice name!" And that's how it all started.

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