The Boy I Left Behind

Winter ends and Summer is told she is moving to America. She doesn't want to go because that will mean leaving Luke Hemming, her best friend and boyfriend, behind in Australia. When she gets there she meets a guy and tries to not forget about Luke, but its hard when Ash is clouding her thoughts. Will she forget about Luke forever?


6. Afterwards

After I had stopped the car, got out and crawled into the back seat, made out ferociously with Ash, I watched Luke get out and do a wobbly walk to the side of the road. He sat down, and I think he started crying. "Be right back" I said to Ash and went and sat next to Luke. "I thought you loved me" he whispered "I did, but I'm not to sure anymore" I admitted. Ash got out of the car and came over to us. "Let me talk to him, okay babe?" "Okay" I answered. I walked back to the car slow enough to hear parts of what Ash was saying. "You've had your go...just let me see..." and things like that. He walked back over gave me a quick kiss, and hopped into the car. "Coming?" he asked "What about Luke" I asked "He's calling someone to come get him" "Oh, okay" I hopped in after him but not without taking a look at Luke. I saw  him on the phone "Good" I thought. At least someone was picking him up!

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