The Boy I Left Behind

Winter ends and Summer is told she is moving to America. She doesn't want to go because that will mean leaving Luke Hemming, her best friend and boyfriend, behind in Australia. When she gets there she meets a guy and tries to not forget about Luke, but its hard when Ash is clouding her thoughts. Will she forget about Luke forever?


1. Leaving

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I walk into the house covered in snow with my boyfriend Luke Hemming beside me as i heard my mother say the thing I never wanted her to say "Honey, we're leaving to America in a few days..." I looked at her in disbelief and then ran up to my room. "No, no, no, I don't want to!" I shouted. Luke looked at my mother than me and followed me up. He grabbed me in his arms and comforted me "Its okay, I can come visit you every break, I promise!" "It won't make a difference" I answered. I told him to leave and started packing. Two days later I was at the airport hugging my friends goodbye. I walked onto the plane and watch my friends until I couldn't see them.

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