The Dome

Six kids are chosen to fight it out in the arena called 'The Dome'. The rules have never been changed until one special girl with exceptional powers is chosen. Each child has a power that will help them fight in the arena but sometimes they aren't recognizable...


2. The Naming

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As I walked in the hall of my Specialized Training School I heard the loud speakers crackle to life. "Okay, the name of the student from our village has been chosen... The name of the child representing our village in the Dome fight this time is... Jasper!" I halted in my steps as i heard my name be called from the speakers around the school. I slowly looked around to see heads turn towards me. My best friend Ashton ran up to me "Oh no, Jasper, I'm so sorry" "No, don't be, I am the chosen one" I answered. I walked obediently towards the training room and stood quietly at the door as explained for procedure. "State you name and then walk over to the north wall and stand at attention" shouted Sensei Rowan."Jasper, sir!" I shouted back as i walked to the north wall. "Oh, Jasper, meet your training partner, Aliah"

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