Little Acorn

The Lieutenant didn't know what he was getting himself into when he decided to pull that helpless little boy from the rubble of destruction. Neither did Collin when he fell in love with a single mother of a little girl at an ice cream shop. Neither of the children knew much beyond their friendship as they grew older. But, the boy's origins have cruel plans for them all.


18. the storm continues

Chapter 18

They had gotten Collin wrapped up and resting in Lilly's room. Delia had gone out to the backyard and was pacing on the porch.

"What's the matter?" Alden asked.

She shook her head and fought his hands away when he tried to put them on her arms to comfort her.

"We knew this day was going to come eventually," he said softly.

"Why now?"

She was shaking and crying.

They had prepared for this day for three years now. They waited for it. They had gotten comfortable, but they always worked to remind themselves that they'd need to detach from this life. He couldn't figure out her reaction.

"I think I might be pregnant," she said and the words hung in the air between them.

Pregnant. A baby. A child.

"That's great," he smiled and pulled her into his arms.

"It was," she sighed. "It was all the way up until my dad showed up. Alden, we have to go on the run, now. Why couldn't he just stay away?"

"We'll go on the run," he said quietly. "But we'll make it. And if you are pregnant, then this kid is going to be fine."

She nodded.

"I just," she sighed. "A part of me thought we'd stay here. I thought we might get to raise a family here."

He squeezed her shoulders.

The sun had come up, so they went into the house and made breakfast as usual. Alden got a pot of coffee going. Delia poured two bowls of cereal and milk. The front door opened and Lilly came in through the door. Delia ran to her and wrapped her arms tightly around her little sister.

"What's wrong? Why is there blood on the sofa? Where's Alden?" Lilly asked nervously.

"Right here, Lilly," Alden came out of the kitchen. "We need to talk."

"What happened?" She asked.

"Dad came home," Delia said and kissed the top of Lilly's hair.

"What? Where is he? Is that his blood?" She pulled herself free from Delia and ran down to her room.

"Dad!" She exclaimed and he woke up.

He sat up and she threw her arms around him. He squirmed at the pain, but hugged her back.

"Hey, Lill," he said and kissed her cheek. "You've grown up so much."

"Are you okay? What happened? Why are you here?" She was frantic with her questions.

"I'm ok, everything's fine."

"He got shot," Delia said from the doorway. "And he came here. And now we have to leave. You need to pack your things. We're going to have to see if you can stay with Cari."

"What? I can't go with you?" She looked straight at her dad, who put his head down. "No, I'm coming with you. This isn't fair. I'm not losing all of you. No."

"Lilly, I need for you to stay safe," Collin sounded tired. "For your mother, I need you to stay safe."

"I need you," Lilly said. "Mom is dead. I only have you and Delia. You left me here once. You don't get to do that again."

"She's spent too much time with you," he pointed at Delia.

"Or she just inherited it from you," Delia retorted.

"Or both," Alden smirked.

Delia elbowed him in the stomach.

"Lilly, I need for you to be safe," Collin said.

"Why does Delia get to go with you?"

"Because Alden won't leave without her," Collin said.

"Don't leave without me," Lilly had tears in her eyes.

"Baby girl, I won't be able to live with myself if anything were to happen to you. I need you by my side, but I need you to be safe even more."

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