Little Acorn

The Lieutenant didn't know what he was getting himself into when he decided to pull that helpless little boy from the rubble of destruction. Neither did Collin when he fell in love with a single mother of a little girl at an ice cream shop. Neither of the children knew much beyond their friendship as they grew older. But, the boy's origins have cruel plans for them all.


21. rapid squirrel, chasing after the acorns

Chapter 21

"Whatever it is, it's moving fast," Collin said. "A drone?"

Alden reached his shield out beyond the cabin and the blip stopped.

"It's holding still. I don't think it's a drone," Lu observed.

The blip began to move in a circle on the screen, almost as if it could sense Alden's shield. He wasn't trying to block it, just figure out what it was. Find it and differentiate it like he had with Lilly's earring and Collin's bullet.

"Alden, what are you doing?" Delia asked, picking up on the strain in his expression that he was trying to hide.

He let the shield down and the blip started moving toward the house again.

"I was just trying to see if it was actually a drone or not," he explained.

"Did you find anything out?" Collin asked.

"Only that it spotted my shield," he said.

"Whatever it is, it's coming up on some of the surprises we've left for it," Collin smiled.

They waited. The blip kept moving.

"The trap must have failed," Delia said quietly.

Lu stood and stepped towards the door of the cabin. He picked up a rifle that had been resting against the door frame.

"Alden, take Delia into that closet," Collin ordered.

"You really think that's going to help?" Delia bit back.

"Do you really think it's simply a closet?" Collin shouted. "Get your ass in there and keep going!"

Alden took Delia by the arm and pulled her to the closet.

"I'm going to stay behind and find out what this is," Alden told her. "I'm tired of running blindly and not knowing what's chasing me."

"Then I'm staying by your side," she demanded and tried to push past him out of the closet, but he blocked her and shook his head.

"Go," he said. "Protect yourself and our baby. I'll come for you."

She pulled him into a kiss, then let him go. He pressed his hand against the wall. It slid open and she stepped down onto the first step.

"I refuse to raise a child by myself, you know," she said.

"I won't be long," he replied.

The door closed between them and he returned to the main part of the cabin.

"Why the hell are you still here?" Collin asked. "You should be with Delia."

"I'm facing this thing," Alden said, trying as best as he could to ready himself for what laid ahead.

"Suit yourself," Collin said.

"Alden, come stand over here and look out this window," Lu said from his position hiding between the door and the window.

Alden peeked out, making out just a brown dot working its way quickly through the woods, bouncing between trees.

"Do you think it's close enough to hit it with your shield and get an idea of what it is?" Lu asked.

Alden nodded his head.

"Do it," Lu commanded.

Alden threw his shield out quickly, hitting the thing hard and throwing it back against a tree.

Alden fell to the ground, his body shaking.

"What is it?" Lu asked.

"It's a woman," Alden answered.

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