the move

My name is charlotte-Jane mum got remarried when I was two and he I'd a dipstick he try's to get me to call him dad he try's to get me to change my last name and he moved me to a different country.I wear band t-shirts,bandannas,ripped skinny jeans, my lip ring and alot of earings


1. chapter one

Hi my name is CJ,I have light blue dyed hair,a black lip ring,dark brown eyes and I'm about 5'4.At 7 AM my alarm went off and it was Saturday witch ment I had to baby sit my little brother until dinner time.He is not my real brother he's my step brother but I love him like he is my real brother.He's called Dylan-Joe Davidson he has dirty blonde hair bright blue eyes and he's like 3'2 and he's 3 years old.I woke him up and got him dressed he wore a batman t shirt,black jeans and one of my beanies. "where is mummy and daddy?" He asked."they are at work" I replied."do you want to watch cartoons while I get dressed.then I will make you pancakes" I asked DJ "YES" he screamed as he ran down stairs. I whent into my room and put on a nirvana T-shirt,ripped skinny jeans and red flannal and tied a white bandanna with black designs on my hair.I went down stairs and made pancakes for DJ and me and put them on two plates and then I went into the living room and watched ed,edd and eddy with DJ.I got a twitter notification it was just people hating on my youtube channal 'my crazy world' but I don't care.

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