The girl who followed wishes.

Have you ever wondered where wishes go once they're made? You aren't the only one, a curious child made a wish one day and began to wonder where it went after she asked for it, she sits by her grandmothers feet and asks her with a soft voice "nana, where do wishes go?" and so begins the tale.


1. Away with the fairy's.


No, half asleep?

No that's not it either....

I guess the only way to describe her would be away with the fairy's.

Yes that's it, definitely the only way to describe the way she sat there staring straight at the blank soulless wall wondering what mysteries it has to offer. A very curious child was Rosy, she never looked at anything just the way it was. She always found another way to interpret every nook and cranny, every little speck of dust as if she didn't trust what the universe had told her and as if she was a unique droplet within the main river flow of humanity. In short, she was an anomaly. 


This wall, as white as snow, had no stories to behold to the young child but she found it as intriguing as others find flowers as they see them for the first time. 

"Rosy!?", "Rosy are you here?".

A mysterious voice called from around the corner in the long, seemingly endless, dark corridor.

"I'm here nana." Rosy called back to the tall figure stumbling, clumsily through the door frame.

"Good, your cake is ready, remind me again how old you are deary." Rosy's nana was preparing Rosy's cake for her birthday party, she was turning 3 tomorrow and she was beaming with joy and excitement.

"I'm turning 3 nana." Rosy whispered, she was a rather quiet child who was about as quiet as wind but would only talk to her grandmother.

"Okay love, would you like to come and help me add your candles?" Rosy's nana was one of the sweetest people you ever could meet in your entire life.

Rosy turned to her nana and smiled "I'd love too."

They both strolled of to the kitchen passing through the dark hallway.

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