Passion during lesson

It isn't easy to be eighteen years old. It isn't easy to be included in an age when you're between adult and teen. It isn't easy to be in love with a teacher and the teacher was everything you dreamed about. My life was chaos, but at the same time not. I was what my parents dreamed of, but at the same time I wanted to belong to a teacher. I wanted him, I wanted to love him and I wanted to be loved. It was a dream that didn't fit into a society, as I lived in. It was a dream that turned around and couldn't be stopped.


15. Yes!

Harry snuggled up in bed, and he lay down beside me. I was reading a book in bed and it was for a test. I felt one of his hands slid down between my legs and I quickly took it away.
"Darling, I have to read."
He put himself closer to me and he smiled big. He let his hand still again sliding down to the same area and he took away edge of my panties. He came to my sensitive part  with his fingers and I groaned a little bit.
He just smiled and slowly he began to slide his finger exactly where I liked it. I was about to say a well-chosen word, but quickly turned his lips up and prevented me. He kissed me tenderly and I felt it was no use to say no. The book slipped away and I took my arms around him. God, how I loved this man. He was like the answer to everything and yet he knew only about half of it?


I whimpered when I felt he penetrated. We lay naked and we were like mad for each other. He slid in all the way, inside me, deep, and immediately he got that face, that talked about that he owned me.
"I want to be inside you all the time." he muttered hoarsely. I smiled and I groaned at the same time. He belonged with me and no one else could make me feel so much at one time.
"Stay there, then?" I murmured teasingly. He smiled and slowly brought his hips back and forth. Slowly, simply because we would feel me. He groaned and he looked straight into my eyes. He had one arm under my neck and the other hand under my butt. He moved smoothly on the body and it was as if he wanted to enjoy every second.
"It's one more thing." he murmured, and kissed me. I quickly grabbed my arms tighter around him and I kissed him. I didn't wanted to talk, but he was quick to end the kiss. He proceeded to take me, calmly and methodically.
"One more thing." he repeated. I couldn't listen. I felt him in me and that was all that mattered.
"I have a question!" he muttered hoarsely. He slipped away from me and he sat up between my legs. I whimpered, because I wanted him to go on. He held my hip with his hands, he was still inside me and he smiled foggy.
"Please ask what is, the question!"
I wanted to have sex, I didn't want to talk. Yet I rolled my eyes.
"What's the matter? What's the question?"
He smiled and he leaned over me. One hand on each side of my head and he thumped hard into me, right into my deepest place, and I whimpered. He smiled.
"Will you marry me?"
I frowned.
"And that you ask me you when you own me?"
He kissed me.
"I want a yes or a no!" he moaned and he brought the hip rapidly back and forth against me. "I want an answer."
I whimpered and I took my legs around him. He took me closer to that state. He took me to where there was no other than us.
"Yes!" I almost cried right out and I pressed him against me. He moved quickly. He was in control and he knew he could do what he wanted with me. He was breathing rapidly and he kissed my neck. I came! It was like I just ran over and right after, I felt that he reached the final. He squeezed it all into me and then he was lying on top of me. I wanted to get a few minutes to pick me up from all the feelings, but he was fast. I saw the box and I understood nothing. He sat up. He was sweaty and he was red over the body,  after what we had done. Nevertheless, he opened the box and he took out a ring. I gasped.
"Are you serious?"
He nodded with satisfaction, and he raised my hand. I watched with wide eyes as he entered it on my finger and he smiled big.
"With you, everything is serious."
I just stared at the ring and then at him.
"But I thought you'd get down on your knees?"
He grinned and he shook his head. He caressed my body.
"No, we two are closer to each other in bed and I didn't wanna do as everyone else."
I frowned.
"So when mom asks me when you proposed, I will answer in bed?"
He leaned over me and he looked pleased at me.
"Maybe?" he whispered hoarsely. "But it will be a different story?"
I smiled weakly.
"I say you went down on your knees."
Harry laughed and he kissed me.
"I stick to the truth!"
He was grinning.
"I was near to come, and I was inside you, when I asked. I was deeply inside you and I saw that you loved to feel me inside you."
I punched him.
"No, you say you went down on your knees!"
He just smiled big and I saw at him that he was teasing me.
"That's your truth!" he whispered hoarsely, and he again began to be horny. I felt how he again began to move on his hip and I whimpered.
"I have a test to study for, and I've said yes to you. Do you then..."
He kissed me.
"Always inside you!" he murmured cloudy. "The best place in the world is inside the person as I love."




Mom smiled and she shone like the sun. She looked at the ring and I saw at her that she was happy that her daughter had taken that step.
"When are you getting married?"
Harry pulled me in his arms and he laughed a little bit.
"We haven't set a date yet, but I want her to have a ring that tells all that she's mine." Then he kissed my hair. Mom just laughed and quickly showed my hand to my dad.
"It wasn't cheap, huh?"
Harry shook his head, but he wasn't exactly eager to answer the question. Mom giggled a little bit, before she let go of my hand.
"He went down on my knees?"
I was about to say yes. Harry just smiled and he interrupted me.
"No, I proposed when I showed her that I love her more than anything."
Mom looked up at him.
I was close to dying, if they interpreted the response as I interpreted it. I put my hand over his lips.
"Yes, he went down on his knees."
Harry grinned.
"In bed..."
Mom just stared at him and then it was as if she wanted to change the subject.
"You must tell me when you talked with the priest. There is much to be planned."
I punched Harry, because I saw that he wanted to tell it all to my parents, as when he proposed to me.
"I promise!" I said firmly to mom. "But so far, I want to do college and there's much that needs to be done before that day."
She nodded happily.
"I know, darling!" she said with a smile. "But it's really good that you take this step. You have to get married before you have children and all that."
Harry still held me in his arms. He froze because of the subject children.
"We have no hurry." he got up. "We take one thing at a time."




All those who saw that I had a ring was excited, but right away I saw that Liam was the opposite.
"So you intend to do seriousness of the matter?"
I snorted at him and I sank down on the chair.
"Everyone isn't like you, flirting with everyone and think that life are fun." I said firmly. He came up with a faint smile, and he dropped my ring from his eyes.
"I'm not flirty?"
I rolled my eyes.
"Well, you talk about that all day with me, what you had done if I hadn't had Harry in my life?"
He sneezed.
"But it's the truth."
I gazed at him and this time I didn't drop the subject.
"We are friends, you and I, that's all."
He smiled uncertainly, and he avoided me with his eyes.
"You should still have a little fun and not just sit at home with him."
I smiled.
"He's funny so it's enough."




Eleanor almost screamed when she saw the ring and immediately she showed my hand to Louis.
"This is how to do it, when you're a guy who's serious."
He sneezed, but not because out of my engagement. He snorted because what she said.
"I do it when I'm ready." he got up. I just blushed and I sat down next to my boyfriend. Eleanor looked at us again.
"Tell me! Did he ask you when you ate your dinner, or in a restaurant or wherever,,, where?"
I knew the answer, and Harry was quick.
"In bed!"
She giggled.
"Are you serious?"
He was proud and I felt ashamed.
"Yes, we had sex and I had planned to wait, but emotions took over."
Direct Louis was on what he meant.
"Oh fuck? Perfect?"
Harry laughed.
"Yes, she didn't have the ability to say no, because it just came Yes from her lips."
I was annoyed.
"Just stop it Harry?"
He giggled.
"But it's the truth?"
Eleanor blushed a bit and she seemed to understand the whole story.
"But not everybody do like normal people?"
Harry agreed with her and I saw how he almost showered her with compliments.
"Exactly!" he exclaimed. "Why do as everyone else would do? We did it in bed, when we had the best time during the day and I showed her how much I love her."
I put my hands to my eyes.
He laughed and he kissed me quickly.
"But I always show you love?"
I hit away his face.
"Do you always tell this in detail?"
He nodded with satisfaction.
"Yes, otherwise they don't understand how romantic it was?"
Louis laughed and he seemed to think like Harry.
"She screamed yes and you took the opportunity to ask?"
Harry just laughed in response.
"My baby knows what I'm talking about and she loves me!"

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