Passion during lesson

It isn't easy to be eighteen years old. It isn't easy to be included in an age when you're between adult and teen. It isn't easy to be in love with a teacher and the teacher was everything you dreamed about. My life was chaos, but at the same time not. I was what my parents dreamed of, but at the same time I wanted to belong to a teacher. I wanted him, I wanted to love him and I wanted to be loved. It was a dream that didn't fit into a society, as I lived in. It was a dream that turned around and couldn't be stopped.


2. The party?

Friday came and I stood before the mirror and looked at myself. I had a black dress, tight. I had high heels and my face looked perfect. I had even spent time on the hair and I looked like a model, even though I was aware that I was a normal girl. My mom came into my room and she smiled at me.
"Are you sure you don't want to be home?"
I chose to nod but my mind screamed no. I smiled and I looked confident, even that my innermost screamed no.
"Yes, Mom!"
She smiled and she hugged me.
"I wont stop you." she whispered happily. "I know you need to get out and meet people, but don't drink much."I hugged her back and I smiled. It was so nice to know that they trusted me, whatever might happen.
"I promise!"
She released me and she looked down at the dress.
"You are beautiful."
I blushed, because my mom didn't used to call me beautiful. I saw at her how proud she was over me and she knew that I always thought before I acted.
"Stop!" I got up, just for the sake of clarity. "I'm going with Eleanor and her friends."
Mom frowned a little bit.
"That's the only reason I'm concerned."
I laughed uncertainly, because I knew she sensed too much.
"Come on and trust me."
She nodded.
"I trust you, but not those guys and not her."
I rolled my eyes.
"One Friday, and you become such a mom? I will go to many parties and you can't warn me every time?"
She smiled and she agreed with me.
"I know, but you tend to usually be home?"
I knew what she was talking about.
"But now I want out and test my own wings, one evening."
She nodded agreement.
"I know and I hope you have a wonderful evening, but think about what you drink and don't let no guy..."
I interrupted her.
"Mom, stop!"
She laughed a little.
"Yes, I'll stop!"
We heard the door bell rang and I knew it was Eleanor. She looked at me one last time, as if she wanted to memorize me.
"Promise not to go home alone and..."
I snorted.
"Yes mom!"




I had a tingling feeling in my stomach when I came with Eleanor along the street. Our high heels echoed on the street and it was as if there was something exciting going on. She talked all the time about people who would get there, but I, myself, was inside my own thoughts. I wondered if I would drink, I wondered if it was okay to dance at the party and over those little things that were unimportant.


"And if Louis talk to you, you say nothing about me."
I looked up at her. Louis? I realized she was talking about her former boyfriend.
"I promise!"
She nodded firmly.
"He'll think I went on with life, and that all the guys want me, but he can't get me back."

I drew a smile at her.
"Should I say that...?"
I couldn't finish the sentence.
"No!" she said firmly, and then she regretted it. "Just say that I have met a model who loves me. He's super hot and he's over twenty years old."

I laughed.
"A lie?"
She sighed.
"I know, but I want him to think I'm coveted by others."
I nodded and I started to hear music between the houses. We approached the party and I felt how my  stomach tingled.
"And don't drink that red drink!" I heard Eleanor warn me. "It's one of the guys that always makes red drinks and it's not good."




Yes, I wasn't experienced by this. We came into a house that was full of young people and everyone was in good spirits. Eleanor held my hand tightly and we slipped into the main room. I saw the balloons, I saw the glass with drinks and I saw people dancing. I held her tightly and we went to the table with a drink. Eleanor quickly gave me something in a glass. I received it. She drank from her glass and I chose to do the same. It was as if I entered another world. I hadn't before exactly kept myself away from parties, but last time I was on something like this, they had no cocktails to offer. Back then it was soda and chips as were counted.


"Stay here!"
I saw Eleanor vanished away. I stood there and I felt silly. I drank what was in the glass and I looked insecure all the others. The music was high and it slammed right into the stomach. It was exciting, but still so crazy to be there.


A blond guy turned up with blue eyes. He smiled with his whole face and he looked at me, as if I were a cookie.
"What's up?" he asked hoarsely. I hesitated, and quickly I noticed that Eleanor didn't came back yet.
"Good?" I got up. He laughed a little bit and he tried to look friendly.
"I'm Niall!"
I hesitated.
"I'm Kim?"
He laughed again and it was as if he was trying to be nice.
"Are you here alone?"
I shook my head.
"I'm here with a friend."
He raised his eyebrows.
"Boy or girl?"
I was so close at lying, but at the same time seemed Niall to be okay.
"Eleanor!" I replied quickly. Directly he seemed to relax, and he put his arm around my back.
"I haven't seen you at the parties before?"
I chose to be honest.
"I usually stay home."
He laughed and he didn't mind that I was a bore.
"Good that you came here today?" He looked at me. "I like you."
Okay, was he crazy or was he desperate?
"That was a crummy pick-up line."
Direct Niall laughed and actually, I liked his laugh.
"Yes, I agree with you." He then looked at me. "Do you want to drink something?"
I nodded and quickly he pressed a mug in my hand. I saw that there was something red, and I hesitated. Eleanor had said something about red drinks? I looked at Niall.
"What's that?"
He smiled wryly and he put his lips to my ear.
"Just drink!" he whispered happily. "I promise to take care of you if something happens."




I landed in a wonderful world. I was happy and I talked to everyone and I danced with everyone. My legs were like two dancing sticks and I felt that my body was something that should move around. There was a mist that drifted around me and too late I realized that I was influenced. I realized too late that I had poured into me red drinks and in the fog told Eleanor me that I shouldn't have said yes to red drinks.


I don't know why but I left the house. I want to go home! I didn't want to stay there with all the others. My head was spinning around and I was drunk. It was as if I had only one goal and that was to get to my bed. I felt sick and the next thing was that I threw up. Straight out on the street and I almost couldn't stand still.


Two arms slid around my body, and someone held me up.
"How is it?"
I didn't have the ability to respond. I stood leaning foreward, and it ran right out of me. Someone took my hair up and someone helped me puke till the finished. I was totally gone and I didn't even know if I should say hello.
"I will help you!"
At this point I realized that it was a he. He held me tightly in his arms and he seemed to care. I mumbled something, because I lacked the ability to talk.
"Quiet!" he muttered hoarsely. "Do you know where you live?"
It just spun around. What? I couldn't tell that to him, or should I?
"Okay, Kim!" he whispered hoarsely. "I'll take care of you."
He knew who I was? So I didn't need to worry about anything?


There was one big darkness. Someone guided me along the street and he had his arm around me tightly. He wanted to help me and I wanted to say thank you, but I couldn't even say a single word. I noted that we went into a strange yard and I resisted.
"No!" he murmured directly hoarsely. "I promise I wont touch you. Come along and I'll make sure you get sober."


A bed! It wasn't my bed, but it was soft and I felt my head landed on something soft. I noted that someone took off my shoes, and someone put a blanket over my body. I couldn't bother me that I had the dress on. It was wonderful to lie on something soft and I liked the feeling of not having to walk with my feet.
"Sleep!" he said, and he sat on the edge of the bed. "I will call home to your parents."
I opened my eyes.
He didn't seemed to care.
"They're worried about you?"
I disagreed with him.
"No, they know that I'm a well-behaved girl."
He laughed a little bit.
"Yes, I see that?"
I frowned. I didn't see his face and I saw almost nothing, but I tried to play as if I knew who he was.
"I'm well-behaved!" I muttered hoarsely. "I can take care of..."
He interrupted me.
"Kim, you're not sober and you need to sleep. I promise I wont call."


I fell asleep. It was as if I fell into a coma and I could do nothing more than relax. New scents around me and new impressions. I felt my body was lying in bed and I felt my head was spinning. I couldn't put energy where I was. I knew it was something good. Somewhere was a person who had helped me and eventually I really fell asleep.

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