Passion during lesson

It isn't easy to be eighteen years old. It isn't easy to be included in an age when you're between adult and teen. It isn't easy to be in love with a teacher and the teacher was everything you dreamed about. My life was chaos, but at the same time not. I was what my parents dreamed of, but at the same time I wanted to belong to a teacher. I wanted him, I wanted to love him and I wanted to be loved. It was a dream that didn't fit into a society, as I lived in. It was a dream that turned around and couldn't be stopped.


22. The old house

"Hanna and I met Harry today."
Yes, I want to be honest with Liam. He sat behind the desk and he looked up from the papers. I saw at him that he was worried, but at the same time, he noted that I hadn't done anything wrong.
"We ate at a place and he just showed up!" I continued, leaning against the doorjamb. Liam swallowed.
"What did he say?"
I frowned.
"I don't know, but I think he wanted to say sorry."
Liam's eyes said it all. He didn't like that I had been in contact with Harry.
I smiled.
"No, she don't know anything and I told Harry that you are her father."
Liam nods a little bit. He looked down at the paper and he sighed a little.
"Darling, I have to actually work. I have a big case that will soon be up to the court and..."
I smiled
"It's okay, I just wanted you to know, if Hanna says we met a man."
He smiled at me.
I nodded and I left the room.




I suspected that Harry hadn't said everything as he wanted to tell me. I stood at the bedroom window and for some reason I looked out onto the street. I saw Harry's car and I sensed that he was sitting in it. It hurt. He wasn't ready to let me go? I heard how Charlie and Hanna played in the next room. They had their nanny with them. I swallowed and I realized that I was forced to put a stop to everything.


I went out on the street and I went straight to the car. At first it seemed as Harry was ashamed but finally he opened the car door. He looked nervously at me.
"Sorry, I don't know what I'm doing here, but I want to be near you."
I sighed, and I leaned my back against the car so I stood with the stomach towards the house.
"I'm with Liam, I have a life. Can't you let me be?"
Harry steps out up the car. My heart pounded hard as he stood in front of me. Damn, he was everything I wanted. He was prefect in every way and I felt it was felt in the stomach.
"Yes, I'll let you be." he muttered hoarsely. "But only when I realize that I..."
He paused. I frowned.
"What do you want to understand?"
He looked down at the ground.
"I want to realize that I can manage to live with the shame over what I've done. I left you and it broke my heart also."
I snorted.
"It's not the same!" I got up. "I was waiting for you, and I waited until I was in church and married Liam. I was hoping you would come back, but all you gave me was a dream."
He looked into my eyes. I knew that he looked right into my soul.
"I was scared!"
I snorted again.
"Scared? I was pregnant with your child, and you were afraid?"
He swallowed.
"Kim, I really didn't think I could have a children. When I was young the doctor said that I had something wrong and that the opportunity was small that I would ever have children."
The first time I heard the truth.
"I underwent tests." he continued. "And they came to the conclusion that I was sterile. Then, when you came and said you were pregnant, I didn't think it was me. I was so absorbed in what I had once found out and I didn't... "
I looked at him. He suffered and he regrets everything he had done. I swallowed and I tried to stay calm.
"She's so much like you." I whispered hoarsely. "You've missed so much just because you didn't see the truth. Hanna is everything we could have dreamed of, but Liam is her father. I chose him to be the one who took care of her and in her world there aren't an Harry. Please don't destroy her life. "
Harry frowned. He took a step toward me. I felt his scent, I felt his presence, and I felt his energy. My body was tense and I was almost ready to kiss his lips. I missed him, but I was left with the truth. I belonged to Liam.
"I'm not going to ruin anything." Harry got up. "Can't we go somewhere and just talk? We are adults and I actually want to explain everything."


I held my breath when Harry chose to drive us home to his house. It felt like a dream when I step out of the car and walked toward the house. He unlocked the door and he let me go in first. I recognized the scents but much had changed. I saw that he had renovated the kitchen and in fact he also had a large bookcase with the books. On one of the shelves was a picture of Harry as a child. Hanna was a copy of him. It could have been her in that photo.
"I bought that for the books when I moved back in!" I heard Harry say. I turned around and I looked at him. He stood in the doorway and he eyed me carefully.
"I see..." I whispered hoarsely. He smiled and he seemed almost happy that I was there.
"Oh, Darling!" he muttered hoarsely. "I wish I could turn back the clock and do the right things and the right choice."
I swallowed.
"Harry, I'm not the same person anymore."
He walked up to me and it was as if he couldn't stay away from me.
"I know!" he said quickly. "We have changed and we aren't the same, but I still feel the urge for you, and my heart beats for you, only for you."
I frowned.
"I'm married!"
He sneezed.
"It's just a ring on your finger. Liam doesn't own your heart?"
I was a little scared because he saw that I still had feelings for him.
"But he takes care of me and he gives me security." I said. "I don't know what I feel for you. Yes, I love you, but I also love my husband."
It happened quickly. Harry caught up my face between his hands, he brought his lips against mine and he kissed me. I whined to the tension between us and I didn't have the ability to resist. His lips were wonderful and he kissed me with so much thought. I felt his tongue, and I realized how much I had missed it. It was wrong of me to kiss another man, but I wanted more.


Harry pushed me up against the wall. I held my arms around his neck and I was crazy for him. He pulled up the dress, took off my shoes and my pants went off. He lifted me up and before I could realize what happened, he penetrated. I groaned. I felt how he slipped deep inside me and I loved it. I had missed it. His fragrances together with the fact that he touched me, made me once again to be that eighteen year old girl who couldn't live without him. It was as if we were still together, and neither Liam or children was in my life. It was just us.


Harry bumped hard into me. He held me up with his hands and I could feel every muscle worked. I whimpered against his lips, I groaned and I didn't get enough of this man. Harry was desperate. He wanted me, he wanted to feel me and he groaned loudly. I pounded straight into the wall. I heard my butt repeatedly pounded toward the cold surface. I was wet and I felt how he filled me. I took my legs around his waist, and I followed.


Harry dropped me down on the floor. He pulled in my clothes, and he didn't give up until I was naked under him. I saw his green eyes regarded me with love, and he saw everything that was me. His lips reached down to my breasts and he got my nipples to be hard. I whimpered and I took my fingers through his hair. I chose then to get him naked and we rolled around naked on the floor, as if it were no end.


I sat on Harry and I rode him hard and fast. He held me, he embraced me and he was depserat after me. I whimpered, and finally I reached there. I came and I felt his entire body went through a transformation. I screamed and I sat down at him. My muscles clutching his hard part, inside me and I was almost going to faint. Harry spun us around and he took me until he reached the same result. He came straight into me, filling me with his fluid and he was shaking.


"I can't go back to you!"
Harry lifted his head and he looked into my eyes. I pulled my hands through his hair and I suffered. No, I couldn't leave my family just for a man I had once loved.
"I don't ask for that!" he muttered hoarsely. "I know that you are fine and I understand you. One side of me still wont give up hope."
I frowned.
"Harry, I..."
He kissed me.
"Quiet, you don't have to say anything."
We hugged, we kissed and we stayed on the floor. I felt his warmth, I felt his body and I enjoyed his presence. I had missed him, and I still had feelings for him. Somehow, I wished it could be us, but I had two children to think about, two children who belonged to Liam and me. The thoughts spun around. Would I tell Liam that I had been unfaithful? I chose to wait with that idea. Harry was there and right now it felt right to be below him.


Harry kissed my neck, slowly he slipped down over my body. I pulled my fingers in his hair and I whimpered. He landed down there and I felt how he started licking me. I raised my legs over his back and I chose to let him continue. I whimpered and I felt my body woke up. I felt how it began to tingle and I loved that it was Harry who did this for me. He knew what he would do and in the end I groaned aloud. I pushed myself up against his lips and I felt how he got my clitoris to scream out of pleasure. I couldn't lie still, but Harry held me tight. He was determined to get me to come out and when he succeeded, I shouted straight out. I pressed my hands to his head and I was shaking all over. I threw the whole body and it was as if time stood still.


Harry came back from the toilet. He had washed his face and he smiled big. He slid down on the floor next to me and we chose to lie on our backs, with our faces toward the ceiling.
"You are as I remembered you." he murmured happily. "I love your body and I love when you enjoy when I touch you."
I looked at him. I looked at his profile.
"Why did you leave me and why did you come back?"
Harry gulped and I saw at him that he chose the words carefully.
"I sold the house and moved just because I was disappointed in myself, I was disappointed in you, and I was angry that life wasn't as I wanted it to be." He looked at me. "I moved around and I was restless. One day, after a year, I received a bunch of letters, who hadn't reached me. There, among was the answer from the hospital. I was a father to the child. I realized that I had done wrong but when I came back here, I saw you and Liam. I understood that I had lost you. "
I frowned.
"I waited. Liam know that I loved you and he chose to still be with me."
Harry lay down on his side and he pulled a hand through my hair.
"I'm an idiot!"
I smiled weakly.
"Yes, you are an idiot and I will never forgive you that you didn't trust me. If you hadn't..."
He put his hand over my lips.
"We can't think back about what would have happened if I hadn't been so selfish." he muttered hoarsely. "The question is what happens now?"
I had no answer. My heart belonged to them both. I loved Liam in a way, but Harry had always been my big love. I didn't know if I wanted to destroy everything that I had, because of this. I didn't know if I could live with Liam and know that Harry still loved me.
"I have no answer!" I whispered and I felt the tears came. "I don't know what I want and I don't know if I would give up everything I have just for you."
Harry gulped and he continued to take his hand through my hair.
"I'm not rich, but I'm a new man. I would take care of you and I promise I will never distrust you again."
I frowned.
"Harry, you don't know what you're talking about."
He smiled and he wiped away my tears.
"I know that I love you and I know we're meant to be together. We can't change what happened, but we can change the future?"
I frowned. He kissed me again and slowly we drifted towards each other. Again he ended up on top of me and again he took my body. He took me, I was like a doll with him. He could do what he wanted and I just followed him. I kissed him, I caressed him and I loved him. We couldn't resist each other and we were dependent.


Harry looked straight into my eyes. I was so close and I felt the whole body buckled up. Harry looked at me when I began to whimper when I was shaking and when I arrived. He wanted to see everything and I saw the love in his eyes. He came after me and after this time we were tired. We had done it over and over again, but at some point it was over.

"I must go home!"
"I know!"
I swallowed.
"I'll call a taxi. Liam can not see your car."

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