Passion during lesson

It isn't easy to be eighteen years old. It isn't easy to be included in an age when you're between adult and teen. It isn't easy to be in love with a teacher and the teacher was everything you dreamed about. My life was chaos, but at the same time not. I was what my parents dreamed of, but at the same time I wanted to belong to a teacher. I wanted him, I wanted to love him and I wanted to be loved. It was a dream that didn't fit into a society, as I lived in. It was a dream that turned around and couldn't be stopped.


3. The morning

What had happened? I woke up in a strange room and I didn't recognize anything. My head was heavy and it was as if my body weighed more. Still, I managed to sit up. I had the dress on me and by the door was my shoes. My bag was lying on a chair and I frowned. Who was it that had helped me? I realized that the only chance I had was to flee. Maybe I could take me through the door and go home? I didn't like the feeling of not knowing in whose house I was in, and the truth was that I was ashamed. I had vague memories of vomit. I remembered that I drank something that influenced me. Eleanor had disappeared and in fact I was a little annoyed at her. She shouldn't have left me.


I went into the bathroom and I washed myself so that I wasn't black under the eyes. I had to wash off all makeup. I then took the shoes in my hand and my bag. I sneaked barefooted out of the door. I was in a modern home. The walls were gray or white, and when I came to a staircase down to the first floor, it tingled in my stomach. I crept down the stairs and I searched for signs of who lived there. I reached almost to the front door.
"Are you already going?"
I nearly jumped in shock. Ashamed I spun around and I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Harry stood there. He was wearing only wonderfully sexy pants and that was all. His wonderful skin shone in the faint light and I noted tattoos that I had fantasized about. He looked like a mirage, and his hair hung perfectly over his shoulders. He held a teacup in his hand and he looked at me with amusement.
"It's not very nice to not say goodbye and I made breakfast for you."
I hesitated. I knew my face was now totally red and my whole body was shaking. I had so often dreamed about this moment. I'm in his hallway and he did asking me to stay. Okay, he just wanted to be nice and he had no feelings for me, but this was as close to my imagination as I could get.
"Maybe I..." I frowned. He laughed and he showed me to come into the kitchen. He went in and immediately I lacked his body. I wanted to see more and I didn't want to go home, not yet.


I crept into Harry's kitchen. It was large and modern. He had put up food on the table, and he pulled out a chair for me.
"Sit down!"
Okay, my gut told me that I was hungry and I felt the smell of freshly fried eggs. With shaky legs I slid over to him and I sat down on the chair. Harry stood behind me and leaned against the table to pour the tea water in my body. I saw his face and I could smell it all from his body. This was like a dream. I was close to pinch my arm. I sat in his kitchen and I sat at his kitchen table and he poured out the tea water into my mug. I caught a glimpse of his tattoos, two birds on his chest, a butterfly and further down leaves. I liked what I saw and he had more muscles against what I had imagined. He disappeared behind me, walked around the table and he sat on the other side. He smiled at me and he was amused by that I didn't do anything.
"You can rather be glad that I found you." he said meaning. "You weren't directly in that state where you could take care of yourself."
I blushed and I looked down at my cup. He had put in a tea bag and I enjoyed that I got the same tea as he drank.
"I drank the red one." I mumbled as a explanation. I frowned and I realized that maybe he had called home? I remembered dimly that someone said he would call my parents and maybe he had already done so? Nevertheless, I decided to not ask that question yet.
"Do you drink every weekend?"
I shook my head and I felt like a sack of potatoes. I tried to drink and I felt how shaky my hands were.
"I've got this idea that you're well-behaved?" he continued. I looked up at him in surprise. He didn't notice me at school and now he said I was well-behaved?
"I usually don't go to parties." I said. "But Eleanor wanted me there and I usually don't drink."
He smiled wryly and his wonderful green eyes regarded me kindly.
"The first time is the worst." I heard him say. "I have also been at your age, and I know how it is. It's just amazing that I found you. You were lucky."
I nodded and I looked back down at the cup again. Damn, I wanted to stare at Harry, I wanted to soak in all that he was, but I looked down at my cup?
"I'll drive you home!" he said kindly. "I guess it's the least I can do?"
I swallowed.
"Thank you!"
He laughed a little bit.
"I promise this stays between us, like a secret."
Okay, a secret? He found me when I needed help and I couldn't tell anyone about this?
He laughed.
"It's embarrassing enough that your teacher found you and you don't have to tell your friends that it was me. I promise I can keep secrets."
What would I say? Yes, I want to mention that Harry found me, he saved me and that he then sat with naked upper body in front of me. All had become jealous and everyone had wanted to hear me tell it again and again. Still, I bit the bullet and I didn't tell that to him. He was my teacher and he was the one who knew best.


Harry took on a stylish cardigan and he pulled on his shoes. I stood in the hall waiting for him. I looked around and I realized that my imagination was far from reality. He had a rather impersonal home, because I neither saw photographs or unnecessary objects. He had what he needed, and not a single thing more. He saw that I looked around and he came up to me.
"Okay, you want me to show you around?"
I hesitated.
"No, you'd drive me home?"
He stood close to me, in front of me and he looked into my eyes. Damn, he was too perfect to even exist. His smile got my body to ache, longing for him and he made me feel more. There even was a tingling between my legs.
"We have time!"
His voice was muffled, hoarse and he sounded as if he tried to enchant me. I followed him and my eyes saw everything. He had a couch with a TV. Yes there were books, but no bookcase. Instead they stood stacked on the floor and he smiled when he saw me staring at them.
"I have too many books." he said cheerfully. "I should get rid of a few, but they are like a family. I want them there."
I just smiled. He showed me his office and I noted that the was sample there, on the desk, as he was about to go through. He took me to the second floor and he had three guest rooms and then his bedroom. I was shaking all over when I saw on his bed. It was unmade, but so attractive. He had no curtains in the bedroom and everything was simple, but so attractive for a girl like me. Harry stood behind my back and he was standing near me. I could almost feel his breath on my cheek.
"In here, nothing happen." he said a little thoughtful. I smiled and I could therefore see before me how we rolled around in bed. I would be happy to make that something was happening in his bed, if he wanted it.
"You sleep?"
He laughed a little bit.
"Yes, and that's all. I'm single and I spend too many hours on your students."
I swallowed. I didn't like that he called me student. He could call me darling?
"I understand?"
I spun around and immediately I noticed how close he had been. I looked up at his face and I looked into his green eyes and I was so close to kiss him. Harry had one hand on each side of the door frame and he was leaning toward me.
"Have you seen what you want to see?"
No, I want to also see his naked body. I want to feel him close to me and I wanted to take care of his wonderful lips. I wanted to hug him, I wanted him to take me, in all ways, and I wanted to do all that as I had fantasized about.
He smiled and he stood up straight.
"I'll drive you home then?"
No, I wanted to stay. I nodded, but my body said otherwise. I wanted to go into his bedroom and I wished that he took me hard and over the hole day. Nevertheless, I followed him, I went behind him back to the front door.




My mom opened the door and she saw Harry, she saw me and she understood that something had gone wrong. I blushed.
"He helped me yesterday and I slept over in his guest room."
Mom didn't know if she would be angry or happy. She saw that I was okay and I hadn't got into more trouble. She then looked at Harry.
"A cup of coffee?"
I was surprised when he nodded and he gave me a knowing look. His smile was big and it was as if he wanted to torment me. I frowned.
"He has other things to do."
Harry disagreed, and he instead went through the door.
"A cup of coffee would suit me perfectly!"


This didn't belong to my dream. Harry sat at the kitchen table and I sat next to him. My mom talked about how difficult it was to have control over a girl in an age of eighteen and he was talking about the same topic. I saw that my mom was fond of Harry. She felt for sure that he was handsome, charming and that he was attracted to her. I was quiet and I felt as if I was outside the whole conversation. It was as if I was only there that so that they could talk, have a reason to talk.


I felt Harry raised his arm around my back, on the chair. I felt his fingers slipped on my arm, as if he wanted to be sure I remained there. His fingers clutching the area a bit and he gave me a quick glance. My whole body tingled and I became aware that he was really sitting there. Okay, one thing was certain. I would stop fantasizing about him. It just led to that I got new thoughts and I saw before me how he started kissing me and tell that he loved me.


"You have a nice daughter!" I heard him say to my mom. "That as happened yesterday wont happen again. It wasn't her fault."
I frowned and I looked at him. What? I actually had chosen to drink and it was my fault? Mom smiled and she looked at me.
"Yes, I'll just make sure you don't spend so muck time with Eleanor then?"
I frowned.
"Mom, it wasn't her fault."
She rolled her eyes.
"But her friends have got a bad influence over you, and you should choose better friends?"
Harry smiled at me as if he felt that I should understand her. His fingers held me and they influenced me. He was slightly leaning towards me.
"Kim" I heard the mom say a little sternly. "I care about you and I know I can't force you to be home. You're eighteen years old and you make your own choices. But I can guide you."
I just wanted to growl, but so far, was Harry's eyes totally over me and I didn't want to show my true self.
"Yes mom?"
Harry laughed a little bit.
"It's wonderful that you have parents who cares?" he said, as if that would facilitate it all. "Many students at the school have no control over what they do and they are at parties every weekend."
My mom cleared her throat.
"Yes it is scary what can happen to a girl like Kim?"
I frowned.
"But now it went well?"
She agreed and she smiled at my teacher.
"Thanks to Mr Styles?"
He smiled wryly and he looked at her.
"Say, Harry!"
No, now they also became friends? I looked down at the table and I just wanted to scream. Harry was mine and she had no right to be friends with him. He was my dream, my teacher and I owned the right to talk to him. Okay, now I exaggerated, but my mom couldn't get close to him.




I had given up hope of ever getting my dreams become reality. My mom destroyed everything and slowly I realized that I should remain at the stage when everything was normal. Harry eventually chose to go and I followed him out into the hall. He smiled wide and he seemed to understand that I was irritated.
"You got a nice mom?"
I sighed.
"She's who she is." I mumbled a little sulkily. Harry seemed to understand that I was ashamed of her. Right as it was he raised a hand and he put his fingers under my chin. He forced me to look at him, and time stood still. He looked straight into my eyes and I saw a change in him.
"Thanks, Kim!"
I gasped.
"For what?"
I felt how he let the thumb slide over my lips and it was like in one of my dreams.
"This weekend become different." he muttered hoarsely. "Normally, I had walked around late at night, went home and read a book. But instead, I found you?"
Please tell me that you love me. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to get that happy ending where the hero kissed the woman he had rescued, and he told her that she was his everything. Instead, he released me and he backed toward the door.
"See you on Monday?"
No, my body wants more.
He smiled a little bit, and he grabbed the door handle.
"Our secret?"
No, no secret. I wanted to scream straight out that Harry had saved me.

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