Passion during lesson

It isn't easy to be eighteen years old. It isn't easy to be included in an age when you're between adult and teen. It isn't easy to be in love with a teacher and the teacher was everything you dreamed about. My life was chaos, but at the same time not. I was what my parents dreamed of, but at the same time I wanted to belong to a teacher. I wanted him, I wanted to love him and I wanted to be loved. It was a dream that didn't fit into a society, as I lived in. It was a dream that turned around and couldn't be stopped.


18. The house and it all

I gave birth to a little girl. She was a copy of her dad and I immediately saw his face in front of me. She was like a Harry, although she was a girl. I almost started to cry when I saw her. She was so small and she was so beautiful. She had dark hair on her head and she was everything as I wanted. I could just imagine how happy Harry had been if he had seen her, but now he was gone.
"Would you like to write in your name in the papers?"
I looked up. You would write in the father's name, and the mother's name, on the paper. I swallowed and I took the pen with shaky hand.
"Uh Liam isn't..."
I hesitated and I looked over at him. He seemed tense and I understood what he wanted. He wanted the right to be her father.
"Are you sure?" I whispered hoarsely. He nodded.
"I was confident even when I saw that you were pregnant. I promise to be a good father."
I nodded weakly. I looked down at the paper, and this time I chose not to hesitate. On the line where the father's name would be, I wrote Liam Payne.




"You have to think of a name!" Mom cried. She came to visit me at the hospital and she was my daughter gently in her arms. Liam smiled big and he agreed with her.
"How about something different?"
The only thing I found out was Harry, she was a Harry.
"Hanna?" I got up. I looked at Liam that he didn't understand why the name should begin at an H and he nodded with satisfaction.
"Okay, mom has decided. It is a Hanna!"
Mom was just happy that she got a name. My Hanna lay in her arms, and she yawned. She was beautiful, she was my everything and she was Harry in miniature.
"And now you get to be engaged?"
Mom's comment made me react.
She smiled at us.
"Yes, you should start a family together? Then you have to get married and do all that."
Liam liked the idea and he laughed a little bit.
"I agree with you."
She smiled big and she looked at me again.
I frowned.
"Mom, just stop!"
I got a shock. Liam stood up. He took out a small box and he went down on his knees. He took my hand and he looked straight at me. Damn, they had planned this?
"Will you marry me?"
I hesitated. No, I couldn't say yes to him. I didn't know what to say. Liam knew, he had understood that this would happen, he had planned it.
"I know you still don't love me as much as I love you and I know that the future is uncertain, but give me this chance."
He put his head askew and he smiled big at me.
"You, Me and Hanna!" he got up. "It's a family!"
I quickly looked at Mom. She sat and nodded happily for me. I looked down at my daughter. She had now got a new dad and maybe this was meant to happen? I couldn't remain in a dream? I looked at Liam again.
Liam had tears in his eyes. Quickly he opens the box and I was breathless. It was a gold ring with a diamond. I just stared at it.
"How did you afford it?"
He laughed a little bit.
"I had savings." Then he entered the ring on my finger and I heard that my dear mom sobbed with joy. He kissed me and he took his arms around me.
"I haven't planned any more."
I frowned.
He was grinning.
"Yes, I told you that I was planning on getting you, that you would be mine, but now it's just to drive on."
I smiled a little bit.
"So your plan was all that as did happen?"
He nodded.
"Yes, with a bang!"




We drove out of the city to the country. Liam was quiet and I saw at him that the secret was something big.
"Please tell me!" I got up and I looked back at Hanna. She was sitting in baby chair and she slept. I looked at Liam again. "I have to change the diaper and she will soon be hungry."
He laughed a little bit and he took my hand in his.
"I'll show you something. I'll show you my parents."
I almost fainted.
He laughed.
"Yes, I've gotten to meet your family and now I want you to meet mine. After all we're engaged!"
I swallowed and I leaned back in the seat.
"But couldn't you had warn me?"
He laughed.
"No, you would have only been home and changed clothes. I want you to be yourself, the person I love."


The car stops in front of a big house, a truly gigantic house. I was breathless. I suspected how Liam could afford an expensive ring. His parents were wealthy. Liam raised my hand to his lips and kissed it.
"Now no one can say that you said yes just because I was rich." he whispered hoarsely. "I've talked to my parents and they understand why I chose to do like this."
I looked at him.
"But ...!"
He laughed.
"They know everything. They know that you went to school with me, that you became pregnant, and they are people. They understand that not everyone is born with money."
I hesitated.
"But you're so normal?"
He laughed.
"I am normal. I am rich, and one day I will inherit my father's law firm, but that's not what I've been looking for. I've been looking for you."
My heart ached. For the first time I saw Liam in front of me. He loved me, with or without money. He wanted me, although I was pregnant and now he was ready to give me everything I wanted, just because I said yes.


Geoff and Karen Payne, they was Liam's parents. They came out of the house and met us on the stairs. Karen hugged me hard and it was as if I was awaited.
"Liam has talked so much about you." She said with tears in her throat and she looked down at Hanna. "Oh, she is so beautiful."
I swallowed. I had expected a different welcome. Geoff came up to me and he gave me one more cool hug. He was, after all, a man and maybe he wasn't accustomed to hug others?
"Welcome to the family!"
I followed. Liam had Hanna in the car chair and I had the diaper bag. He took my hand and he held it tightly. We came into a large hall and I felt small. I didn't fit in these great halls and actually I started to doubt everything.
"Just relax!" Liam whispered hoarsely. "You're pale?"
I gave him a quick glance.
"How would you have reacted if it was the opposite?"
He smiled.
"I had been happy."


Karen took me into a salon. We sat down on a couch and she looked at me with big eyes.
"You don't need to feel silly or so." she said happily. "We have been waiting for this day for so long. Liam told me about your background, and I apologize for what has happened."
I swallowed and I hesitated.
"What exactly did Liam told you?"
She took my hand, as if she wanted to reassure me.
"Your boyfriend left you and you were forced to leave the university?"
I frowned.
"Is that all?"
She laughed.
"He said you're beautiful, intelligent, and you have the future ahead of you."
I got up a smile. She looked down at my ring and she nodded with satisfaction.
"I told him that a diamond is never wrong on a woman's hand. I'm glad that my son listened."
Actually, she was nice and I calmed down a little.
"Your son has a real talent to propose to a girl." I got up. She agreed with me.
"Yes, you had only time to give birth to your daughter and then he was there with the ring?" She smiled at me. "You should know that he loves you so much. I've never seen him so happy before."
The ache in my chest, I couldn't say the same.
"I know!"
She smiled big.
"He will take care of you and your daughter. You shouldn't be afraid of neither him nor us. We always ensure that the family comes before everything."




Liam just enjoyed the hole thing, when we were on our way back home. I was relieved. I liked his parents and I understood that they took care of Liam in the best way.
"Do you have more secrets?" I got up and I smiled at him. He seemed to hide the truth.
I frowned.
"Liam, I see that you don't tell me everything."
He laughed.
"Are you ready for more secrets then?"
I rolled my eyes.
"Only it's not about drugs?"
He laughed.
"No, but it's about us."
I looked at him
"Okay? Have you booked the church and bought the dress for me?"
He shook his head quickly.
"No, that you have to be with me to plane and decide."
He looked quickly at me.
"You will see."


Liam took me and Hanna to a house. It was a more luxurious variant and there was a pool at the back. He had a key and he opened the door for me. I entered. Everything smelled new and clean. Maybe he wanted to buy the house or maybe it was here that he had lived? He took my hand and he took us up to the second floor. He opened a door and immediately I saw that it was a nursery. The walls were decorated with flowers and everything was in pink and purple. I understood nothing.
"This is Hannah's room, if you want."
I met his gaze.
Liam leaned toward me and kissed me lightly.
"I bought the house to us and if you don't want to live here, we look for a new one."
I almost fainted.
"Have you bought this house?"
He nodded with satisfaction.
"And bought all the furniture and so on. It became done and ready, shortly after Hannah was born."
I looked around the room. I lived crowded and here she had space? I was poor and he was rich, but he wanted to give us a safe home? I slid around the room. There were teddy bears and toys. A changing table and a crib which was made up. ready for her.
"We have the room next door!" he said hoarsely. "I have arranged everything and you get it, it's yours if you just say yes."
I looked up at him.
"It must have been expensive?"
He smiled awry.
"And? I want you to have the good things in life and we can live here."


Okay! I didn't like that he showered over me with a house, but at the same time I understood that I had no choice. Hanna and I moved in already after one week. My old apartment had Liam immediately sold and I understood that he had contacts. Again, I hadn't a lot of possessions, but it still felt okay when I let my stuff out in the open in this house.




Slowly moved Liam on his hip. This was the first time we had normal sex, if you can have something normal when it came to that? I whimpered and I felt how he slowly slid into me. He was so big down there, and he knew how to fill me up. He lay on top of me and he watched my face carefully, as if he wanted to see me enjoy. Liam didn't need to do much. I enjoyed and I liked having sex with him. This was one of the things we both liked. He moaned quietly, and he breathed softly against my face.

"Oh, Darling!" he muttered hoarsely. I opened my eyes and I looked straight into his brown eyes. He smiled and he was red all over. He moved a little faster and direct I whimpered hoarsely. I raised my legs around his waist. He moved deep in my soul, and he took my understanding to the inspection. I moaned and I whimpered. Liam started to kiss me. Our lips were made for kissing each other. Slowly but surely, he brought my body into the fog. It was as if he brought me to another state and I couldn't stop it.


I rode him. Rapid movements up and down. I whimpered loudly and I was like crazy. He caressed my breasts and he caressed my body. He gave me love and he showed who he loved. I moved myself hard, fast and I loved having him inside me. Liam groaned loudly, and he pressed his hands around my hips.
"I'm coming!" he muttered hoarsely. I smiled and I began to caress myself. I wanted us to come at the same time. I pounded down on him. He slid easily into me and he knew we were close, both. I felt how the body really began to brace itself . I felt the slightest tingle that appeared. Liam yanked my hand away and he instead began to caress me. He wanted to give me the right to enjoy. I whimpered, and I leaned foreward. My hands landed on his chest and I bounced against him.
"I'm coming!" I cried almost straight out and I landed far away. My whole body was shaking, and all I was totally dissolved for a few seconds. I squeezed the muscles around him, inside me and he felt how I came.


Afterwards I lay exhausted on top of Liam. I pressed my lips against his cheek and I was panting. He caressed my back and he smiled big.
"We are maniacs together?"
I laughed a little bit.
"No, we just know what the other wants."
He groaned and he slipped out of me.
"I just want you. What do you want?"
I opened my eyes. Did he seriously asked that or was it a test?
"What do you mean?"
He pulled his hands over my back.
"Do you really want me, or are you still in the past?"
I lifted my head and I looked into his eyes. I knew I couldn't lie to him, and he knew I was telling the truth. I frowned.
He nodded.
"Yes, I want to just check where I got you, right now."
I smiled a little bit and I wondered. I pulled my hands through his hair and could actually be honest.
"There's nowhere else I want to be more than here, Liam. I want to be in this house with you and with Hanna."
He got up a smile.
"Wow, strong words coming from my Kim?"
I blushed. I agreed with him. He kissed me happily.
"And I want you here." he muttered hoarsely. I felt his arms around me and he hugged me. "I love you."
I loved to hear him say those words, and maybe one day I could say the same thing? He knew that I wasn't there yet, but he also knew that one day I would get there.
"Oh Liam!" I mumbled and I answered the kiss. I felt that he was hard again. I felt that he penetrated again. I whimpered against him. He smiled big.
"I think that I will pound in my feelings inside you, so maybe one day you feel the same?"
I laughed.
"Yes, you are slapping them in."
He groaned horse and he brought the hips up and down.
"Damn, I love you so much."
I kissed him.

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