Passion during lesson

It isn't easy to be eighteen years old. It isn't easy to be included in an age when you're between adult and teen. It isn't easy to be in love with a teacher and the teacher was everything you dreamed about. My life was chaos, but at the same time not. I was what my parents dreamed of, but at the same time I wanted to belong to a teacher. I wanted him, I wanted to love him and I wanted to be loved. It was a dream that didn't fit into a society, as I lived in. It was a dream that turned around and couldn't be stopped.


19. The big day

I just stared at my reflection. I was in one of the more expensive stores and I tried the dress before my wedding. Karen didn't even look at the price tag and she nodded with satisfaction.
"There you have a dress that fits you."
Mom seemed equally hesitant as me.
"It was expensive?"
Karen just smiled and she quickly looked at my mom, then at me again.
"I pay and say no more. I want her to be beautiful the day when she said yes to my son and it'll cost me a lot."
Mom hesitates.
"Shall I help you with the costs?"
She laughed a little bit.
"No, I promise you that you will get to buy toys and clothing for their children, even to little Hanna."
I smiled a little bit. Karen had really chosen to be the grandmother to my daughter and she didn't care so much about that Hanna reminded of another person.
"We buy it!" she said quickly. "Off with it and then we'll find shoes and everything else too."


It was exciting to not have to think about the economy. Karen decided that we wouldn't stingy with anything and she paid for everything. Liam didn't seem to care, when I raised the question he just laughed.
"She has money sweetheart and she saved prior to this day, when her youngest son will go to marry a girl."
I kissed him.
"So I shouldn't be ashamed?"
He shook his head.
"No, you'll just smile and say yes or no. Let her believe that she controls, but it's you who has the last word."


I was totally inside of everything that happened. We chose the church, we chose the flowers, we chose the cake and we chose the premises. I didn't know much about what you could waste money on, but I quickly learned that it cost to stay on top.




"Tomorrow will be a long day without you."
It was the night before and we were nervous. I smiled and I crawled into his lap.
"I'll see you in the church?"
He laughed a little bit and he kissed my hair.
"I know. I'll be gone at eight o'clock and then mom will get here. You're going to the hairdresser and she has planned everything."
I looked up at him. He smiled at the ceiling and he was happy.
"Are you nervous?" I asked. He laughed.
"No, I know I will get you." He looked at me. "Then there's nothing to be nervous about?"
I blushed.
"I might say no?"
He smiled awry.
"No, I know you say yes. You got no reason to say no." His looked pleased at me. "And if you say no, I will still get you to say yes."
I laughed.
"You have planned again?"
He nodded.
"Now I have planned for us to go to the church, and after that we're going on a long trip."
I become serious.
"We haven't talked about going on a honeymoon?"
He raised his eyebrows.
"I know we haven't planned that, but my parents might have arranged it for us?"
I gasped.
"They've already paid enough?"
He giggled and he kissed me.
"You have to get used to this, you will get a lot from them and me. They want to see us happy."




"Are you coming?"
My dad showed up and he would lead me to Liam. I smiled.
"Yes Daddy!"
I opened my eyes and I smiled at him. He smiled wide and I took my hand around his elbow. The doors were opened, the music began to play and we went softly in. I saw how everyone was staring at me, but I just looked at Liam. He was standing inside the church, next to the priest, and he smiled big. I felt I was shaking and my legs were weak. Hanna sat with some friends and I didn't need to worry about her. I just needed to worry about myself. The closer I got, the more confident I became that I did the right thing. This wasn't a dream, a fantasy, This was reality.


Liam took my hand and we put ourselves in front of the priest., I just stared at my future husband. He tried to hold back the tears and I felt his hand shook. He was nervous? I smiled a little bit and he met my smile. He looked into my eyes and I saw that I calmed him down. The priest talked about marriage and I didn't want to hear it. We had practiced several times and I could almost his words by heart.
"I love you!"
The words just slipped out of my lips. I immediately realized that I really loved him. I wanted to be with his and I wanted to stay with him and live with him. First became Liam serious, because I had never said those words, then I saw the tears in his eyes.
"And I love you!"




The church bells rang and we left the church as husband and wife, I was now Mrs. Payne and I was his woman. Liam smiled big and he took me to the car, which would drive us. We laughed, and as soon as the door was closed, he kissed me.
"Oh, Darling!" he muttered hoarsely. "I missed you and I love you."
I took my arms around his neck.
"I love you!"
And this time, I knew that my whole body now loved him. He kissed me with love, and he lay almost down on top of me in the car. I laughed a little,
"Not now!"
Liam pressed a button so that a window slid up between us, and he who drove the car.
"An extra round thanks!" he said to him before the window was completely closed. Liam then pulled up the dress and he laid me down on the floor. He tore my panties off  and he laid on top of me. I felt  how he penetrated. I groaned.
He groaned back.
"Let's get it done!" he grinned. "Why wait until tonight?"
I felt how he quickly got my body going. We were desperate for each other. He took me hard and he made me come. It felt as if this was the beginning of something new. My new life and I wanted to live this life until I died.




"I want to thank everyone who has come here today!"
Liam stood up and he looked over all the faces. Hanna sat in my lap and she slept contented near me. I smiled up at her father, my husband and I smiled big.
"I have today become a big man. I have got the woman that I want and she said yes."
Everyone cheered. Liam smiled and he looked at me.
"Darling, I know we will be enemies and everything isn't always on top, but I promise you I love you and I will always love you with all my heart."
I almost felt tears come. He held up the glass front of everyone.
"Cheers for love and cheers for my wife."


Liam sat down. He kissed me and then he kissed Hannah on her head.
"I have arranged a babysitter."
I frowned.
"Are you serious?"
He laughed.
"Eleanor will sleep with my mom and they take care of Hannah."
Okay, thank goodness it was them he meant. I smiled.
"But we have already done it in the car?"
He kissed me.
"The night is long, and tonight I just want to have you, only you."
I blushed.
"You are a sex maniac?"
He agreed with me.
"But I'm your sex maniac."
I kissed him and then I heard how they started talking about the wedding waltz. I froze.
He was grinning.
"You just follow me." he whispered hoarsely, and he looked at his friends. "They wanted to see us dance all night, let's give them the pleasure?"


It was extinguished almost down. A single spotlight shines and it was directed towards me and Liam. I frowned as he pulled me out onto the dance floor and he was satisfied.
"Just come with me!" he whispered. He took a hand around my waist and he held my hand with the other. I took the free hand on his shoulder and I swallowed.
"Make it easy!"
He grinning. The music began. He brought me foreward, he brought me around and I was surprised how easy it was. We glided across the floor and I felt like Cinderella. It was as if we landed in a magical fairy tale. Slowly I realized that he was the prince who had saved me. Maybe this was meant to be? I felt the whole stomach tingled and I felt to kiss him, but he showed that we would dance.


Everyone rejoices when we were done. I blushed and I released him. Liam laughed and he was proud over me and he was proud over us.
"Let the party begin!"

Mom hugged me hard and she smiled big.
"I'm happy that you found him and that you said yes."
I laughed.
"Did you expect anything else?"
She smiled a little bit.
"No, but I know how you feel about a certain other man."
For once, I had a novelty.
"Mom, I forgot, Harry. I belong with Liam and I love him."
I saw at her she was almost shocked and then she was happy.

"Are you serious?"
I nodded.
"I have realized that I can't live in a dream. Liam is here and he wants to give me everything. I love him and Hanna love him. What else is there that I want?"




"I could have guessed this!"
I stood in the window of the hotel room. It wasn't just a room, there was everything. Liam laughed and he opened a champagne. I heard the sound of the cork and I spun around. He poured two glasses and he gave one to me.
I clinked glasses with him and I sipped the sweet drink. He kissed me then gleefully.
"Darling, this is our night, and my mom wants more grandchildren."
I blushed.
He smiled and he slipped away towards the sofa.
"Yes, she said today that it would be fun with more children."
I laughed.
"And she decides that?"
He smiled obliquely toward me and he sat down.
"No, she doesn't, but I decide it is time that you come out of that dress."
I frowned.
"I need help!"
He giggled and he stood up again. He slid around me and he stood behind my back. Slowly he unbuttoned it and slowly he stripped me naked.


We slid down in the bed and I lay on top of Liam. I wanted to be in control. I kissed him and I felt his hands everywhere. He groaned and he was desperate for more. I moved slowly over his hardness. I massaged it with my sensitive part, and he groaned foggy. Slowly up and down over it and slowly I got both of us to get ready. Liam held my hips hard and he followed the movements.
"I want in!" he muttered hoarsely. I smiled and I ended the kiss.
He groaned.
"You know where I want to be?"
I nodded. I knew. I stood up a little and I brought it to me. Slowly, I sat down and slowly he penetrate. Liam uterine high. He wanted more, and faster, but I took it easy.
"You said we have all night for us?"
Liam whimpered.
"I was wrong!"


I lay under him. I nearly clawed his back and I groaned loudly. The whole bed moved and I felt how I approached. Liam was sweaty, he was red and he wanted to give me the pleasure. I pressed myself against him and I brought up my body. It was like a hurricane just ran through me. Everything spun around and everything turned into mist. I screamed and I felt that he come at the same time. Our bodies were united in a fog of emotion and there was no end. I felt we shook, we jumped, we whined and eventually we dropped down together.


Liam kissed me and he pulled his hands through my hair. I was loved and I was finally able to love in return. It tingled all over and I realized that my life had been given a new direction. He ended the kiss and he smiled big.
"That was incredible!"
I was grinning.
"I agree with you."
Liam kissed my neck, my cheek and the skin he reached with his lips.
"Oh, you are so beautiful, my beloved wife."
I smiled.
"You look pretty okay too, beloved husband!"
He laughed and he looked at me again.
"I'm not even a little good-looking?"
I teased with him.
"Well a little bit, but just a tiny bit."
He laughed.
"You aren't kind?"
I agreed and I hugged him.
"Maybe not, but I love you anyway."
He enjoyed.
"I can never get enough of those words. Say it again!"
I grinning.
"I love you."
He kissed me.
"I love you."
He penetrated.

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