Passion during lesson

It isn't easy to be eighteen years old. It isn't easy to be included in an age when you're between adult and teen. It isn't easy to be in love with a teacher and the teacher was everything you dreamed about. My life was chaos, but at the same time not. I was what my parents dreamed of, but at the same time I wanted to belong to a teacher. I wanted him, I wanted to love him and I wanted to be loved. It was a dream that didn't fit into a society, as I lived in. It was a dream that turned around and couldn't be stopped.


24. Becoming a dad again

"Harry's lawyer wants to talk to you."
Liam had devoted a month of defending Hanna. I was split in two. I wanted in a way not to change anything, but at the same time, I felt that Harry had a right to be a father. I looked up at my husband.
He sat down at the kitchen table.
"I can go with you. We will make sure that everything comes out."
I frowned.
"No, I want to talk to him alone."
Liam didn't trust me. I looked at him. He growled a little,
"It feels as if we are drifting apart!" he muttered hoarsely. "You're almost tempted to let Hanna go to him?"
I swallowed. What would I say?
"I don't know what I feel." I whispered hoarsely. "I'm only thinking of Hanna and I think she has a right to the father who is her biological father. I had felt the same thing if it was about you and Charlie."
Liam chose to swallow his pride and he took my hand across the table.
"Are you sure?"
I nodded.
"Yes, I believe that we shouldn't be so hard. He has the right to get to know her, and whatever happens she will always see you as her father."
He smiled weakly.
"I don't want to admit that I was wrong, but okay." He nodded his head a little bit. "We can meet him halfway?"
I nodded and then I remembered one more thing.
"How can I explain this to Hanna?"
Liam had no answer.
"We will find a solution."




Hanna held my hand tightly. We were standing outside Harry's door and she was wearing the most beautiful dress that she owned. I had lured her hair and she was just as beautiful as her father. I saw at Harry that he was nervous when he opened the door. We had chosen to put our relationship aside and we had instead won the fight, that he was her father.
"Do you remember Harry?" I got up. Hanna nods shyly. He smiled at her and I saw the pride in his eyes.
She looked down at the ground.
Harry hesitated.
"Would you like to come in?"
I nodded and we slipped through the door.


Hanna looked at all the things with big eyes, and right as it was she saw the photo of Harry, when he was in her age. She froze and she just stared at the picture. I suspected what was spinning around in her head.
"Who is he?" she got puzzled out. Harry smiled and he sat down on the couch.
"That's me when I was your age."
She frowned and she looked at him, then looked at her photo again. I felt a tingling throughout the body. Maybe she realized the truth on her own?
"I look like you." she got up. Damn, how could I tell her the truth? I slid down on the couch, away from Harry. He swallowed.
"Yes I know!"
Hanna looked at him again and this time she seemed almost afraid.
"Are we related?"
I felt the whole body ached.
"Yes, you are family!" I got up and I was shaking all over. "Harry's your biological father. Liam's just your dad because I chose him."
I saw at her that she didn't trust me, but she chose to just stare at Harry.
"What is a biological father?"
Harry swallowed.
"You know that it will be needed a mom and a dad to make a baby?"
She nodded uncertainly. Harry smiled a little bit.
"When Charlie came inside your moms belly it was Liam who made him. But it was mom and I who created you."
Yes it was perhaps the best explanation? But I saw at Hanna that she panicked and she was close to tears.
"But Liam is my dad?"
I also wanted to cry. I realized that I was about to turn upside down on her life.
"He's your dad, but he didn't create you." I whispered hoarsely. "I don't know why I never said anything."


Hanna wept. She was mad at me and she was angry with Harry. Liam seemed almost glad over her reaction.
"Give her time!" I got up. He hugged her and he smiled cold towards me.
"I knew it would be like this."
I frowned.
"Liam, we have lied to her throughout her life. Isn't it right that the truth emerges and that she get it now?"
He sneezed.
"You're ruining your family!"




Hanna was lying beside me in the bed and we had just read a book. I smiled at her and I saw that she had finally gotten over her anger.
She swallowed.
"Do I need to move away from you and dad now?"
I shook my head.
"No, you stay here and this is your home, but Harry wants to get to know you."
She frowned, and she looked at me closely.
"Should I call him Dad?"
I didn't know what to say.
"It's up to you. You can call him Harry. I think he's just happy you are there."
She nodded weakly.
"And dad?"
"Yes, he's also here for you. He loves you too."
She nodded weakly and she sat up in bed.
"Okay, I say Harry and I say Dad to Dad?"
I laughed a little bit and I pulled my hand through her brown hair.
"It sounds perfect!"
She smiled weakly.
"Then I have two dad?"
I laughed.
"Yes, and think of all the presents that you receive when it's your birthday?"
She became a little happier.
"And on Christmas Eve?"
I nodded.
"Yes, you'll be spoiled!"




Harry and I were in the park. Hanna ran around on the playground with other children and we sat on a bench. Right as it was, I felt he took my hand and I looked at him. His eyes looked straight into mine.
"Thank you!"
I smiled at him.
"This is the least I could do."
He smiled big and he looked over at our daughter.
"She's wonderful!"
I agreed with him.
"She's beautiful."
He nodded proudly. He looked at me again.
"And what's going to happen between us?"
I frowned.
"I don't know. I haven't thought that far."
He released my hand and instead he took it around my shoulders.
"I want both of you." he whispered hoarsely. "I want you to be with me."
I was unsure about the issue.
"Harry, you know what I have said."
He nodded.
"But now you can't lose? I have Hanna and we will fight to get Charlie. I stand behind you."
I didn't want to think or talk about the future. I wanted to live in the present.
"I don't know if I can handle it."
He looked at me and he was confident.
"I have saved money. I'll pay for the lawyer and I promise to get the best one."
I just stared at him.
"Isn't it me who has to make that choice?"
He raised his eyebrows.
"No, it's me. I will show you that I really want you and I'm not going to lose."
I wasn't sure.
"Harry, I could lose everything."
He shook his head.
"No, you can't lose me."


Hanna held Harry's hand tightly, and she smiled at him.
"When it's my birthday, I want a pony."
He smiled at her.
"Do you mean you want a horse?"
She nodded happily.
"Yes, and he'll sleep in my bed."
Harry laughed and he then looked at me.
"She has high expectations?"
I agreed. She wasn't spoiled, but she knew what she wanted.
"Can't you just chose a dog?" he asked her instead. Direct Hanna got big eyes.
"A dog?"
Harry nodded.
"It's easier to take care of a dog and that one can actually sleep in your bed."
She nodded wide.
"A dog?" She then looked at me. "Mom, I want a dog for my birthday."
I laughed.
"We'll talk about it?"
She frowned and she then looked at her father.
"Harry, I want me a dog and you are my dad so you can buy it for me."
He laughed.
"I'll think about it and if I buy a dog, it must be special one."
She smiled and she agreed with him.
"He may be pink? It's unusual with pink dogs?"


I put Hanna in the back-seat of the car and closed the door. Then I looked at Harry again. He smiled wide.
"So it becomes an us?" he whispered hoarsely. I didn't want to give him an answer. He came up to me and he leaned toward me.
"I still love you Kim and nothing has changed in that matter."
I frowned.
"You want the impossible?"
He leaned closer and he kissed me. It was a soft kiss. Lips met and then parted.
"You will be mine!"




Liam was furious.
"You kissed Harry in front of my daughter."
I frowned.
"He kissed me and it's not your daughter."
Liam was pissed and he came up to me.
"What the hell happened to my wife?" he growled hoarsely. "You are changing and I don't recognize you any more."
I swallowed.
"I'm the same person Liam, but things change."
He grabbed my face and he held it tight.
"Kim, if you choose him, I make damn sure that you lose everything."
I frowned.
"I know!"
He released me.
"Don't you see what you do? You tear the family apart and I don't know what to do to go back to us again."
I just wanted to cry.
"Liam, I..."
He interrupted me.
"You must decide for yourself. Me or him!" He frowned. "And I suggest you choose me. I've always been there for you and he has never done anything for you."

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