Passion during lesson

It isn't easy to be eighteen years old. It isn't easy to be included in an age when you're between adult and teen. It isn't easy to be in love with a teacher and the teacher was everything you dreamed about. My life was chaos, but at the same time not. I was what my parents dreamed of, but at the same time I wanted to belong to a teacher. I wanted him, I wanted to love him and I wanted to be loved. It was a dream that didn't fit into a society, as I lived in. It was a dream that turned around and couldn't be stopped.


17. After and before

Half a year. I had passed that, me alone, without Harry for six months. It felt like an eternity and still I cried over my loss. It was like I was assigned. I wanted to go on with life, but I was left in the past.


"I massage your feet!"
Yes Liam and I were friends. I don't know how it went on with his plan, but for the moment I was happy with just friendship. I took up the feet. He sat on the other end of the sofa and he started massaged them with care.
"You're not ticklish?"
I smiled and shook my head.
He was grinning.
"Too bad!"
I smiled big. Then I felt that it moved inside my belly. It was wonderful to feel the movements and I admit that there was a tingling throughout my body, every time it happen. Liam quickly took up his hand, and he laid it next to mine.
"I think it's crazy in there!" he said jokingly. I just smiled and I brought his hand to the right place.
"No, it only tells us that it's alive."
Liam looked into my eyes. He leaned more toward me and his hand remained.
"You'll be a good mother."
I smiled and I looked down at my stomach.
"We'll see!" I muttered hoarsely. "I don't know if I even fit as a mom?"
It happened quickly. Liam leaned forward and he started to kiss me, first testing and then more lovingly. I don't know why I answered it. I missed the closeness and I missed Harry. Liam moaned and he slid more over me. My stomach was in the way, yet he was almost on top of me. I took my arms around his neck and I went along. Damn, I missed Harry's body, his closeness and heal him.


Liam parted my legs. I don't know why I didn't said no. His hand slid down, inside my panties and I whimpered when he reached my clit. Damn, I shouldn't, but in front of me I saw Harry. Yes, it sounds wrong, but that's how it was.


I whimpered and I felt his hand slipped across the area. I felt how I came to life, and finally I was desperate for more. Liam pulled off my panties and he continued. I was near to come, and I brought up the hip against his hand. He smiled and he groaned.
"I want to have you." he murmured against my lips. I didn't answer, and then he buttoned up his pants. He pulled them down and I instantly felt that he had a bigger down there, towards Harry. I gasped. Liam just smiled and he ended the kiss.
"Quiet!" he whispered hoarsely. "It's big, but I promise that it works."


Liam was lying behind my back, and yet he reached all the way inside me. He held up my leg in the air and we lay on our side, on the floor. I whimpered loudly and I felt how full I become.
"Oh, Darling!" he muttered hoarsely against my cheek. "I'm inside you!"
I groaned.
"I feel it!" I whispered hoarsely. I was far away and I couldn't control myself. He pounded fast and hard into me. He was so big that I felt him all the way inside. He took over my mind and I lost the ability to think. Liam didn't need to stroking me. Only the length of his big part made me feel more. I whimpered and I tried to lie still I almost couldn't breathe. I heard how wet I was and I heard how he pounded into me. He moaned quietly as if he didn't want to disturb me. He dropped the leg and he kept instead the arms around me. He moved faster and faster. My breath lost the ability to comply with. I whined, I groaned and I closed my eyes. He caressed my breasts, he caressed my body and he put his lips to my ear. He was aware that I couldn't talk, understand or even think normally. I landed far away. He moved faster and faster, harder and harder. It felt like he got deeper and deeper into me.
"Liam?" squealing I hoarse. He kissed your cheek.
"I'm here!" he muttered hoarsely. "Let go and come!"

I came quickly and I screamed. Liam groaned and he literally fucked me through the orgasm. I struggled in the carpet and I felt that I was almost fainting. In the end I landed on the floor and Liam continued until he came. He pressed it into me and I felt full of cum.


Liam remained behind my back and he held me tight. We were out of breath and he was happy.
"You are so wonderful!" he muttered hoarsely, and he kissed my cheek. "I love every inch of you."
What could I answer him? "To me, you no more than a friend!" I frowned.
"Liam, we are friends!"
He continued to kiss my sweaty skin.
"I will convert you."
I smiled a little bit.
"I'm pregnant?"
He laughed.
"I know!" He took his hand over my stomach. "For some reason I haven't missed that part."
I wanted to be honest.
"And I still love him!"
Liam didn't seem to care. He was still there inside me, and for some reason he reminded me of Harry. My Harry, who wanted to live inside me.
"I know!" Liam whispered hoarsely. "I'm not stupid."
I turned my head and I looked at him.
"Why did we then have sex?"
He smiled awry.
"I need you and I want every part of you. I tried and it worked." He kissed me. "Say no more. I know darling, I know I may not be right for you, but I will stay by your side."




"You're crazy if you don't choose him!"
Eleanor was almost angry at me. I blushed, because I had told her about what had happened, on the floor.
"But Harry..."
She snorted.
"Forget him!" she quickly developed. "He hasn't approached you in six months, and now you have a guy who's ready to give you everything?"
I nodded.
"But I don't love him."
Eleanor didn't consider that as important.
"You're pregnant and you need a man who stays by your side. Love will come later."
I looked up at her.
"Or maybe not?"
She sighed and she slid down on the couch next to me.
"Harry has moved on and you should do the same."
This was one of those moments when I really miss him. I felt the tears came.
"It's Harry's child in my belly!"
She sighed and she rolled her eyes.
"Today you can have corked families and children with all possible. This isn't about living with the father of the child?"
I looked at her and I sobbed a little bit.
"But that was my dream, that we would get to experience everything together?"
Eleanor hugged me and she seemed to understand.
"I wish I could do something about it."
I agreed with her, and I hugged her.
"I know!" I whispered hoarsely. "I wish that as well."




I chose to go past Harry's house late one night. It said against my mind to doing so, but at the same time I wanted one last time to see him. I went on the opposite side of the street and I stopped under a tree that hid me in case he peered out. I was surprised when all the windows were dark. I frowned and I chose to sneak across the street. It was then I saw it. He had moved. The house was empty and there was a sign which said that it was for sale. I felt his body shook and I felt only emptiness.
"And there goes your father..." I muttered hoarsely to my unborn child. I tried not to start crying. I've noticed that I was hypersensitive when I became pregnant. It was almost enough to step on an ant, and I started to cry. I was leaned against the gate and I collected myself. He was gone? Harry had moved and he left me alone?




Mom smiled big when she saw that Liam was at my home. She had him as a favorite and I understood that he charmed her. Liam hugged her and he smiled big.
She giggled and she looked at me. I sat on the couch and I couldn't do many things. I was heavily pregnant.
"Oh son!" she murmured, hoarse and she smiled at him again. "So how are you and how's college?"
He smiled wide and I saw at him that he liked her back.
"It's excellent."
She giggled and then she came over to me.
"I came over just to tell you that dad and I have now purchased a crib, so you don't have to pay for that."
I smiled.
"Thanks, Mom!"
She sat down next to me and she let her hand landing on my stomach. She loved to feel how the baby moved and I understood her. It was a wonderful feeling.
"A month left?" she said dreamily, and then she looked at me. "It has gone fast?"
I nodded.
"Yes, and soon we will see who was moving around in there?"
She laughed.
"Yes, I look forward to it."
Liam sat down at my other side, and he seemed just as excited as us.
"You could say that we are going to be parents any day now?"
I frowned.
"You wont be a parent?"
He laughed and he smiled big.
"You know I'm going to be a dad, even though you are against me."
I smiled weakly. Liam had said he wanted to be the dad and he wanted to one day live with me and the baby. I pulled out on it, because I so far hoped that Harry would show up.
"He will be a great dad!" I heard Mom say she was referring to Liam. I swallowed and I tried not to show what I felt.
"Yes maybe!"




"I have heard that sex do so the child will come more quickly."
I frowned and I looked cold at Liam.
"I'm fat and I'm not hungry for sex."
He grinned and he stood behind my back. I stood in the middle of the bedroom, and he was hungry for more. He groaned and he pulled his hands over my stomach.
"You're sexy when you're pregnant."
I frowned.
"Liam, I...!"
He kissed my neck and he pulled up the dress. Quickly, he pulled down my panties and I felt how he started to caress me. He took it out and as always it was long enough to reach inside me, even from behind. We stood there and he slowly began to move on his hip. I was always in a daze and I groaned quietly.
He kissed my skin.
"I love you." he muttered hoarsely, and he groaned. "Let me take care of you."


I took my hands back around his ass and I felt how I approached. I stood on shaky legs and I almost couldn't control myself. I felt his fingers down there and I felt he was inside me. Damn, I just had to come! I screamed in pleasure and I felt my whole body trembled. I shrugged, and that was when it happened. The water just started pouring out of me.




I screamed. I was on birth delivery and I regretted it.
"I don't want to be a mom!"
Liam sat next to me and he held my hand tightly.
"You have no choice!"
I growled at him.
"It's your fault!"
He laughed.
"No, this time it's not my fault."
It was as if a football wanted to get out. I screamed and I tried to do as the doctor said. I tried to breathe and I tried to push, when I would do that.

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