Passion during lesson

It isn't easy to be eighteen years old. It isn't easy to be included in an age when you're between adult and teen. It isn't easy to be in love with a teacher and the teacher was everything you dreamed about. My life was chaos, but at the same time not. I was what my parents dreamed of, but at the same time I wanted to belong to a teacher. I wanted him, I wanted to love him and I wanted to be loved. It was a dream that didn't fit into a society, as I lived in. It was a dream that turned around and couldn't be stopped.


6. A no!

Harry stood beside his car as he had promised. He had his arms crossed and he stood with his back to it. When he saw me there appeared a smile and he got my whole body shaking. Without saying a word, he followed me around the car and he opened the door for me, as I had wanted him to do in my dreams. I slid down on the seat and he closed the door for me. He quickly came to the other side and he sat behind the wheel. Then Harry gave me a bigger smile.
I nodded happily and I watched as he started the car and he let it roll off. It was a wonderful day, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was such a dream I had had got a long time, to do this with him. We drove off toward the horizon, and together we discover the world.


Okay reality was maybe not exactly like in dreams. He drove back to his house and we wouldn't go out into the world. I jumped out of the car and I took my school bag with me. I followed Harry to the door in and he locked it up. He opened it and I felt his hand behind my back. He brought me into his cave and in front of me I saw us making love in front of an open fire. Yes, once again I was forced to shake away those thoughts.
"We sit in the kitchen!" he said. His hand disappeared and I took off both shoes and jacket. I let my school bag lying in the hall.


Harry pulled out the chair for me. I slid down on it. He took his bag and he quickly got up a pen, eraser and the sample. He put it in front of me and he smiled big.
"An hour?"
I looked at him in surprise.
"One hour what?"
He laughed.
"You get an hour to do it, exactly like all the others in school."
I nodded, and I swallowed. He sat down on the other side of the table and he took up a book.
"You can begin!"


I was disappointed. This certainly wasn't like my dreams. I decided to swallow my pride and I began to write. This time I could all the answers and in fact the test was quite simple. I wrote and I quickly forgot that Harry sat and looked at me. Actually, I noticed a few times that he regarded me carefully, when I wrote. I realized that maybe he was curious if I would write at all the lines? There was no other reason for him to look at me.


It was before an hour and I was done. I went through the test one last time, and I went through my answers. I was satisfied. Actually, I had gotten out all from me on all the lines and I was sure that I hadn't done any wrong. I held my breath when Harry showed up. He stood behind me and he leaned against the table. One hand on each side of my body and I felt his hair fell down on my cheek.
"You're already finished?"
I swallowed and I put away the pen. I felt my whole body trembled again and I tried to calm myself down. His scents enveloped me and he smelled like a forest. I could feel every little fragments and I loved it.
"Are you hungry?"
He stood still leaning over me and his lips were at my ear. I chose to nod.
He smiled a little bit, and then he stood up again. He took the sample from me and he was satisfied.
"Eat now or after I have corrected it?"
I looked up at him. He looked straight into my eyes and I imagined that I saw the desire in them.
"You decide?"
He raised his eyebrows and tried to look surprised.
"We need some food now!"


I thought he had already prepared the food, but instead he stood in the kitchen and began to prepare meats, vegetables and other things that he had selected. I chose to leave the chair and I went up to him.
"Can I help you?"
Harry lifted his eyes and he seemed surprised.
"Do you want to help me?"
I nodded.
"It just feels silly to sit still. I can actually cut vegetables and other things."
He laughed a little bit and he gave the knife to me.
"Lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers in the salad bowl."
I nodded.


Actually, I lived in a fantasy world. Harry and I lived together and now we cooked dinner together. Actually, it was that feeling that took over my body. Harry was an excellent cook and he fried the meat with care. He slid around me sometimes to get things from the cabinets. Sometimes happened to his hand landing on my hip, at some point, he stood behind me, close to my back and all I did was to enjoy. I liked to see him in motion and I loved to watch as he made food for us, for just him and to me.


Harry picked up a spoon on the sauce was and he took it to my lips.
I smiled and I parted the lips. The spoon slipped in and I blew all the sauce from it. He smiled wide and he pulled it out from my mouth.
I smiled and I loved the taste.
"Really good!"
He seemed satisfied and he looked at me with his green wonderful alluring eyes.
"I know!" he whispered hoarsely. "My mother's recipe."
It was the first time he really told me about something other than the school. I liked it.
"Then you have had a good teacher?" I teasingly got ahead. He laughed and he leaned a little toward me.
"Yes, I suppose so."
My body tingled. It was something that he didn't told me. He looked at me as if I was his food and I was almost ready to let him do what he wanted to do with me.
"You want the meat well done?"
I was disappointed by the issue. But I chose to smile.
"Yes, I don't like bloody steaks."
His eyes were fixed on mine but he then looked down at my lips.
"Good taste!" he murmured dreamily. "I don't like bloody steaks!"
I swallowed. Was he on his way to kiss me? My body screamed yes but my understanding hesitated. The spell was broken and he returned to the stove. My body was trembling with desire and I looked at his back carefully. I wanted to tear off his shirt, and I wanted to caress him. I wanted to feel him against me and I wanted to do all that I had dreamed about, but the reality didn't give me space to it.


I still continued to remain in the thought that there was a we. We sat at the table, we ate, we talked and we laughed. I noticed that I finally relaxed. I forgot to blush and I wasn't a student. It was as if we were on the same level and he had no power over me, as a teacher.


"Should we correct the test?"
Okay, reality came back. He stood up and he went around the table. I was surprised when he stretched out his hand to me.
I took his hand and he took me towards his office. I was shaking in the legs, but not due to the sample. He slid in and he sat behind the desk. I didn't know where I should go. He smiled at me and he made space for me to sit down at the table. I obeyed and I watched as he began to walk through the sample.
"Well now I see that you've read the book!" he said cheerfully. "You even got the right on when he was born, and many were wrong on that issue."
I smiled with satisfaction and I saw how he put maximum points behind each answer. He walked slowly through page after page until he was finished. Harry smiled big and he looked up at me again.
"I knew you could do this." he said kindly, and he laid his head askew. "You get all right and as always, you're a top student."
I smiled big and gone was that feeling of not being good enough. He put away the sample and he leaned back in.
"In a year you finished and then you can become what you want in the whole world."
Yes, I knew about it. And in a year I would stop at the school and Harry would only remain as a memory.
"I know!"
He didn't see that I didn't want to talk about the future.
"So what are you thinking about considering applying to?"
Damn, now he was a teacher again.
"Mom wants me to become a doctor, but I'm thinking more of lawyer or something like that. I haven't decided."
He seemed to thing about it. Harry's eyes slid down over my lips and I got that feeling again. I wasn't sure he wanted to kiss me, but at the same time did his eyes said more.
"You have a lot ahead of you?" he muttered hoarsely. I chose to nod.
"Well I know!"
He stood up but he still looked down on my lips.
"You are so young!" he muttered hoarsely, as if he was trying to explain that my imagination was unnecessary. "The whole life is ahead of you?"
I smiled weakly.
"You sound like my mother?"
He looked up at my eyes again. His cheeks flushed and he cleared his throat a little.
"Well, maybe because I'm older than you?"
Did he wanted to explain why it couldn't be a we? Still, I doubted that idea.
"How old are you?"
Harry hesitated. He looked at me a few extra seconds.
Suitable age for me, but I understood him. I was young, too young. Yet he seemed to have left the idea to kiss me. It became magically quiet in the room and we just looked at each other.


It just happened. He threw himself over me. His arms slid around my back and he kissed me. I gasped and I took my arms around his neck. It felt as if he didn't get enough of me, as if he felt the same as I did and now just it become to much for him. I chose to take my legs around him. I had dreamed about doing so, and now I didn't want to stop. He had shown me that he attracted to me and I wanted him. Harry kissed me so intensive and he was almost demanding, given that I was pretty inexperienced. I whimpered against his lips and I felt him pressed against me. I felt how hard he was down there and I wanted to fell more, I wanted to feel everything. He took down his hands under my butt and he lifted me up. He pressed me against him harder and I felt my whole body was screaming for more. His tongue began to play with mine and I went with him. I did what he did and I understood that he liked it. Harry groaned slightly and he seemed to forget that we shouldn't.


I don't know how he managed. But in the end I was lying on the floor with Harry over me. He pulled up my dress and his hand slid up over my stomach. I whimpered against his lips and I allowed him to feel my skin. I was there for him and he got me. Hand slid up over my chest and he pulled down my bra. He quickly got my nipple getting hard and I began to bring the hips up and down against him, so that he knew. Harry pulled the dress up under my chin and his lips left mine. His lips slid down and began instead to take care of my breasts. I took my hands through his hair and I closed my eyes. This was better against in my dreams. He was hot, he showed how much he longed for me. I stopped to exist and I felt everything that was happening with my body. I heard how he sucked, how his licked and how he kissed me. I whimpered and I almost tore his hair.


A cell phone rang. The spell was gone. He sat up and he looked terrified down at me. Quickly, he pulled down my dress and he fished out his ringing phone.
"Yes, hello?"
No, I didn't want to stop. I was heartbroken. I wanted him to do all that with me. I wanted to feel him inside me and I wanted to...
"Yes ma'am, I take her home soon."
Damn, that was my mom.
"Yes, she got all the right in the test."
Harry looked desperately down over my body and it was as if he realized that we had gone too far. But I wanted to go further and I wanted him. My heart started to work and I understood that it was over.
"We can't!" Harry whispered hoarsely, as he had finished the call. "Yes, I want you, I want you so deeply that it hurts, but you are my student."
I just wanted to cry.
"Can't we have more secrets?"
He shook his head.
"No, Kim!" he whispered. "I could lose my job if I do more with you. We can't!"
I made one last attempt and I raised my hands toward him.
"Please!" I squealing out hoarse. "I want you."
Harry shook his head quickly. I saw at him that he realized that he crushed my dreams, he broke my heart, but he felt that he had a reason.
"No, Kim!" he answered quickly. "You're in my class and we can't do this."
I was squealing.
"But in a year, you not my teacher?"
Damn, he didn't even want to try? He shook his head and although he suffered, he knew that he couldn't touch me.
"I'll drive you home!"

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