love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


11. your the girl

Adelyns POV

Today I thought was going to go a little bit different from how it went .......


After I walked back from work ,I dug in my little travel backpack to look for Ashton's house key. As I was looking for it I heard a bunch of unnecessary yelling from coming inside the house. Ashton's dog was barking as I opened the door a tad. When I walked in I saw Ashton's friends sitting on the couch eating burgers. As I glanced at who was sitting on the couch I saw faces I recognized. Bug there was one face I really recognized., as I thought to myself I found out who it was , I don't know how I could have forgot who it was. It was my ex best friend Calum Hood. When I forged who it was my face turned red and Calum looked a me .i quickly ran to Ashton's room because I had to ponder on this.

Calums POV

This afternoon about 1 Ashton invited me to his small condo connected to his mom and sisters part of the house. All I knew about ash was that he lived with a girl for the summer,"his summer fling"at least that is what I will call her until there relationship furthers out of the summer. I have no idea who this person is so maybe I can meat her when I go . So I got ready and put in some jeans and at shirt I fixed my hair just a tad so I wouldn't look messed up. I got into my car and drove to his little condo .when I walked in there was like six full boxes of pizza. I saw a few of my closest friends from school.


We played and ate video games for what felt like forever. But the weirdest thing happened . The door was shaking where the key would go and all the boys turned to the door to see who Ashton's friend was .the dog ran to the door,and it creeped open a bit. The girl was somewhat tan nice long ombré hair and nice legs. I looked at her face and all the feelings came back all the memories bursted to my head. It was my best friend Adelyn Myers . She quickly ran upstairs to Ashton's room . I was confused. I thought she skipped town or something no text no calls. I told Ashton i had to go so I quickly ran outside to get in my car I dropped my keys and picked them up .i turned around because I heard the door slam. "Ummm... Hey addy" I sayid while still looking at the keys in my hand .

Adelyns pov

"Hey cal, it's still ok if I call you then right.

"Yeah ,definitely"

How's your life been cal i haven't heard from you in months ,if I didn't see you spot day I probably would of thought you were dead.

"Yeah,I didn't know you were Ashton's girl, I thought it was Lyla or something .

"No it's me"he stared at me then left me, I kinda felt a bit abandoned ,I mean I did it to him but that doesn't mean he can do it to me!


So hey guys how many are you excited that Calum how now reconnected with addy

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