love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


5. where are you when I need you

As I tried to follow him I got lost,I didn't know where I was. I called her again and someone answered, it was obviously a man. "Hello,who is this?"

"None of your business, who the heck are you !"the guy, screamed into the phone. Then I ended the call. I drove to the police office for them to trace where the call was coming from.

Adelyn's POV

As I woke up again I heard the man talking to the guy who looked like my dad. I couldn't really hear him ,I only heard little parts. The guy asked my dad how much he wanted for the other two girls. I quickly closed my eyes as one of them looked at me. I saw a knife in the box with all the blood bags in it. I slid over like a inch per second. I carefully picked up the knife and tried to cut myself out of the rope or whatever it was that was tied to my hands.I cut myself multiple times but that didn't matter I just wanted to leave ,seeing my dad brought up bad memories. Before I knew it I was getting weaker and weaker I didn't notice that I was losing so much blood. I started getting dizzy and seeing Calum I knew it was a memory because if it was Calum he would have been passed out or something by now. I didn't finish the memory before I was dead or something.

Calums POV

It was the next day and my phone rang, it was the police. They had information about where the call came from,they said the call came from an abandoned house in Manhattan NY . Even though it was far I took a bus there. I had to save her , I had to be the hero this time,I had to save her. As soon as I got to Manhattan I saw her ,she had looked like every last bit of blood from her was drained. The man was pulling her on the floor like some mop. She was yelling stop stop please don't hurt me. I ran up to her and picked her up the man pushed me on the ground while I was holding her, so I was like her support. My face was a bit swollen and beat up. My instinct was to pick her up and run, so I did it. I put her on my back and ran ,the guy chased after me. I was hitting other people as i tried to escape. I finally then found a alley so I hid in it to try and escape from whoever that guy was.the when I turned to look at addy and see if she was ok she was laying on the pavement crying. I carefully picked her up wedding style and walked to the nearest bus stop. Instead of dropping her off at her house ,I took her to my house .


Hey guys I hope you guys like what you read😝

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