love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


10. wet shirt

Calums POV

After that day my life carried on the same . Well somewhat the same ,I was not dating anyone at the time and I lived in the exact same place.i didn't really talk to addy anymore .its been like 5months and she hasn't called or texted so why should I . I'm just going to enjoy the first day of summer because I have a lot more days to go ,right.

*THE YEAR 2014*

Today I don't know what I'll do there's no school and I don't think I have anything planned. I texted my buddy Ashton from school (WE NET AFTER ME AND ADDY DISCONNECTED)

Calum :hey are you busy today.

Ashton:umm yeah just a tad bit busy.

Calum :what are you doing ??????😐

Ash :umm just chilling at work with well my friend.....

Calum:do I know this "FRIEND"😐

Ash:I don't think so ,gotta go😁

Calum :yeah see you later ,I guess

I don't know if it was me or ash was just acting a bit weird. I guess I'll just get ready and maybe go to the gym.

Adelyns POV

While we were sitting down waiting for people to order me and ash went to the back employee room and waited for business to start. Ash pecked my cheek ,as he did that his phone buzzed . I didn't know who it was so I just stared at him while he texted back. He put his phone down and picked up my hand .his phone buzzed again. I pushed my hair back looking a bit annoyed . "Who is it ??" I asked

"Umm no one you know so don't worry about it ok"

"Yeah sure ,it's not my phone any way"I said while moving my thumbs in a circle

Ashton looked at ,me and knew I was a bit annoyed he put his hand on my hand and kissed it. I smiled and laughed at the same time.he apologized for being a bit rude. His phone buzzed again and I grabbed it and put it on mute. I didn't bother checking whose name it was . Ash grabbed his phone back and put it on the counter outside. .after work was over Ashton took my hand and walked me to a local park in New York . I was really happy to be there with him since I've never really had a good relationship until now.we sat on the big rocks there and talked. After a few hours or so I started raining really bad and I didn't have a coat. Ashton quickly grabbed my hand and ran to the little shop around the corner. We were freakin drenched in water I was stupid and didn't check the weather. And I wore a white t shirt with a hot pink bra. I was supper shocked Ashton bursted out laughing and said, I think it looks nice on you"

"It's not funny ash "I said while laughing myself. Ashton took of his shirt and gave it to me . It got on my tippy toes and kissed Ashton people were obviously looking at us because he had no shirt on and we were kissing . Ash bought himself a tacky tourist shirt and put it on. After the rain cooled off Ashton got a taxi and put me in it he sent me home . I didn't want to leave Ashton because my mom and brothers were out of town Florida leaving me here for the summer job so I could prove to my mom I could buy an apartment for senior year so I had to earn the money myself . So ash promised he would come after he changed. So I went home and got out of my clothes.i put on a sports bra and some shorts. I heard a knock on the door and opened it thinking it was ash. I saw my dad in all black and looking confused I quickly tried to close the door but he kept trying to open it I yelled what do you want and cried and cried. He said just open the door so we can talk okay baby girl then he said it again in a very demanding voice he pushed so hard that I was on the floor and the palm of my hand was bleeding.he walked in and asked me for money I yelled and said I didn't have any . Ashton walked in looking at me on the floor with flowers and a box of chocolates and popcorn he dropped it and picked me up. He saw my dad looking in my house for things to sell. Ashton punched him in the face and tackled him my dad ran out the house with nothing. Ashton picked me up wedding style and carefully put me on the couch. He put my head on his chest and shushed me. He ran to close the door and grab the flowers popcorn and chocolate. He ran to the pantry to get band aids and a towel he patched me up and popped the popcorn. He sprinkled the chocolate on it and served it to me. He kissed my cheek and brought me a blanket.

Ashton's POV

I was running a bit late because I stopped at a little food shop.


Which one seems

better sir white chocolates or milk chocolate

I don't know sir I just am the cashier not a counselor

I think I'll get bought thanks man keep the twenty.

I quickly got in my car and drove to addys house. I looked to see a Mercedes in the driveway and some old lone in her house I quickly helped addy and beat up that old guy. After all that me and addy laid on the couch I fell asleep there with her.

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