love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


9. summer lovers

Closer then ever ."cal we need to sort this out we need to figure out if we're going to be friends or nothing because I can't do this!"

"I can't do this either addy every time I see you I want to kiss you , every time you laugh I can't control the smile that comes on my face . I think of you every minute I love you .

"Cal you can't do this "

"I have too" she ran off and I did not chase her . I had to let her go for now.

*THE YEAR 2014*

Adelyns POV

After that day I lost contact with Calum and didn't really talk to Lyla . I was dating the love of my life and it was about to Be my senior year my life was great I don't have to worry about crying every day because I was confused. I was dating Ashton my coworker from Starbucks .


I felt a kiss on my lips I woke up to see ash on top of me." Wake up sleepy head"

"I'm awake you can continue kissing me"I said while smiling . Ash picked me up and carried me down the stairs. He made me breakfast .there was eggs ,bacon,some crappy waffles but I didn't care .i was happy to be with ash. Today was Saturday so me and ash had work . Like this is the most busiest day for us. Ash picked up a waffle and bit it I snatched it from I snatched it from him and took a bite also. Ash fake looked mad and started tickling me and put me in his back and ran to the couch I kissed his cheek as I moved his head to his lips .he plopped me on the couch and sat by me. I laughed and laughed he squirted whipped cream on me . I started laughing and ran after him i grabbed the cream and sprayed it on his chest . His little sister walked in on him half naked with whipped cream on his chest . She looked scared. Ash quickly took her to her room. I ran to his room because all I was wearing was one of his t shirts and socks. She yelled for her mom but thankfully she wasn't there . Ash finally came up to his room and said ,"where were we" I laughed and glanced at the time. It was about time for work and I really needed this summer job. Ash quickly put me into the tub .he ran down stairs into the shower. I quickly got ready. I ran outside and put on my highwaisted shorts ash walked into the room all I had on was my bra and shorts u quickly put on my white t shirt. He passed me my snick and hat . I put my hair in a bun after I put on my clothes I kissed ash and grabbed my boots . Ash grabbed me while I put on my boots and sat me on his lap I put my hand in his hair and pushed his quiff back. He put on his shirt and I grabbed my purse plus my phone.we grabbed our bikes and rode to the Starbucks. We didn't really work we kinda slacked off. We only work when our boss is here. So we just made out and played games. I loved ash so mush and didn't want our relationship to end.


How many of you guys love this new couple because I do . Mm happy that addy doesn't have to go threw pain anymore ☺️

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