love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


13. it's over

Adelyns POV

Today it was raining and thundering ,but other than that it was Luke's annual 1day before school party . Me and cal go every year together . So what would be different this year . Me and cal just reconnected and I didn't know if he still wanted to go. I texted him.

Calums POV

Today addy asked me if I wanted to take her to Luke's major day before school party. I mean it is the last day before school . So I got ready, I wore a grey graphic muscle t shirt with some black skinny jeans and converse . I ran my fingers through my hair and waited.

Adelyns POV

So Calum decided to go with me. I put my hair in a messy fishtail ,wore light washed high waisted shorts , a pink lace cropped top and white sandals . As I walked down stairs Ashton walked into his condo. He kissed my cheek and asked me where I was I didn't want to tell him because he didn't know me and cal were friends again and he knew we had a really rocky relationship. So I lied AGAIN I loved ash and I didn't want him to figure any of this out.

I said , "I'm going to Luke's before school party......"

Ashton said,"oh ok by your self "

" umm no I'm going with a friend or something"

"I wish I could go with you but I'm tired do I'm going to order a pizza and watch Netflix " yeah that's great see you when I come back love you,!!" I said as I vigorously walked out .

As I was walking I saw cal and decided to run after him and follow . I ran softly and poked the back of his neck while laughing he turned around and laughed I gave him a hug and he slightly picked me up.

Calum asked," so you excited to go back to school !"

"Heck no I wish it could be summer all year round .

"Don't we all "he added

As we approached the place , I noticed it was a club of some type and there were body guards all over . Me being the good little child I was didn't have a fake ID. Everyone and their mother was at the party . Luke walked out and told the guard we were with him and he let us in . I was really relieved because I didn't want to be on any trouble with my mother and especially the law. So me and cal walked in and sat in one of the lounge chairs . I ordered a beer and he ordered some type of fancy drink. After a while I just started dancing because I didn't want to order another drink and get drunk for like the billionth time and do something stupid . So after a while I was thirsty . So Luke ordered me a drink . It looked like water but didn't taste like it . It was good though and after a couple of drinks of that I knew exactly what it was . Again I was drunk. Calum found me passed out on a chair . He being the good friend he was woke me up. He asked me silly questions and then I figured he was drunker than me . All we did was laugh and dance. I was about 1 in the morning and we had school the next day. It was hard for me and cal to walk and we definitely couldn't drive . So we called a taxi. As the taxi came me and Calum got in the ride home me and cal talked about all that had happened to us and things that were in the pass. The taxi brought us to Calums house and his parents weren't home thank God . So the taxi guy told us the price as me and cal walked out . I didn't have money and cal didn't want to pay so we ran. The guy chased after us but we locked the door. me and cal sat on the floor as we laughed . Cal leaned over as he kissed my cheek. I turned my head to my lips and didn't stop him. Before I knew it we were having a serious make out session. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I didn't stop him it felt good and I felt like I never did with Ashton. I backed away because I had to. I loved ash to much to hurt him like this . Calum stared into my eyes while I wiped my lips . I was still drunk so when Calum leaned I leaned to.


As I woke up I was on Calums couch and it was the first day of school this was my senior year and I didn't want any drama . I knew there would be after what I did with Calum . I felt bad and like ash deserved better . I grabbed my shoes and walked out of his room . Calum wasn't in his room so I felt like this was a good time to bounce. Calum walked into me as I tried to put on my shoes . He pushed back his hair and I looked down I tried not to look at him because he was shirtless and i already felt bad because of Ashton. I ran out and he pulled my arm and swung me back to him . I was standing right in front of him. He looked down at me and I looked up at him he kissed me and I kissed him . I quickly pulled away as I ran down the stairs out of his house.

I quickly ran into Ashton's house . He surprised me and kissed me I pulled away because I felt bad and I couldn't kiss him. He asked me what was wrong and I just told him I needed to take a shower. I took of my clothes and ran the hot water I didn't care that I was going to be late for school ,or what my mother would say. All I could see was Calum and me kissing . I got out of the shower and put my hair in a messy , bun . I put on a white cropped top black tights a green army jacket and brown boots.

I grabbed my bag and walked to school . When I finally got their I had signed for my locker and got my schedule . I had every class with Calum . As I was walking someone pulled me into the science class and pulled me by the waist. They kissed me and I kissed them back that was,probably the stupidest thing to do . I knew it was Calum I turned away and told him he couldn't kiss me whenever he wanted to ,because last night was a mistake . I shouldn't have kissed you cal because I love Ashton.

Then the lights cut on and I saw Ashton . I didn't know what to do he looked at me and said and was confused. He then yelled at me and went on about what a good boy friend he had been . I knew it was time for us to break up. So is hushed him and told him things between us were over so I left and went to class.

Calums POV

I was in class and she walked in she was red and looked sad .......

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