love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


8. it's okay

"I love you too,Adelyn grace Myers ,always and forever."then he put his arm around me. I laid on his shoulder as we sat down by the fire. After a few minutes I put on my bikini and put my feet in the lake. It was awkward sitting out here by myself because strangers were just kissing and making out.Calum came out after I sat there for a while and brought me and himself water. The party was fun ,I guess.

Calums POV

Me and Addy sat near the lake and splashed water at each other ,

"Stop splashing water at me addy!"

"No!"she said while laughing.then I stood up and carried her wedding style,

"Put me down Cal, seriously"

"Ok"I said as I dropped her into the lake.she was laughing and mad at the same time.she got out and tried to push me into the pool, but her squirmy little arms didn't allow her to. She finally got me in the pool by me jumping. She was happy and excited for her "accomplishment ". After splashing and chilling at the lake me and her went upstairs to take a shower she of course went first . She told me to close my eyes while she took off her bathing suit.i closed my eyes for a minute then peeked to see if she was done . I saw skin then closed my eyes again. She told me I could open because she had a towel on. Her hair was now curly and down to about her waist she was just standing in front of the door way with her towel on. She finally grabbed my phone to play music on Spotify since she couldn't find hers at the moment.she went into the bathroom and showered. I waited in the chair watching George Lopez. She finally came out and I went in. I walked into the bathroom to take off my bottoms.She knocked on the door politely,I quickly grabbed a towel then opened the door.She asked me if I could hand her her hairbrush.

The Adelyns POV

After I finally pushed Cal into the lake we went into the house to shower up. I showered first because I was cold and smelled like fish and beer combined. I told Calum to close his eyes while I took off my swimsuit.i then quickly grabbed my robe before he opened his eyes. I brushed out my hair because it was a bit knotted . I grabbed cal's phone because mine was in the kitchen of something. I played music and washed my body and hair. I hurried out of the shower and Calum walked in I needed my brush so I knocked on the food and waited for Calum to open it. After I got the brush I put on my mint green cropped top some black addidas pants and some lilac socks. I braided my hair into two braids and got inside the bed. After cal got out of the shower he put on some pants . We went to the kitchen to get food because we're always hungry there was nothing there so we walked to the nearest Starbucks . They had a sale buy one coffeé get the other free or something. I got a peppermint mocha, and cal got a Carmel cappuccino . We both cheez it's from the nearest dollar tree and went back to the house. Me and Cal stayed up to around 2 am and watched the vampire diaries sponge bob and onceupon a time.Finally we fell asleep on the couch .


I woke up by the sound of Lyla and Dylan kissing. Me and Cal quickly went to our room and put on some clothes I wore an army green jacket and a white flows cropped top. Whit high waisted jeans and some statement necklaces. I put mgr hair in a half up and wore my boots. Cal wore joggers and a t shirt. Today we were going tot he Carnival at the beach. It was about 2pm ,we walked to the beach so w could get yo the carnival . We got there and ate funnel cake,pretzels ,and snow cones .

Lyla said,"whoever walks in together has to do a kissing picture. Any form of kissing."

Dylan tagged along and said "YEAH it will be fun

"Ummm... Ok I guess

Calum said,"I guess I'm okay with it. I walked in first with my eyes closed. Of course my look cal walked in .we knew it was planned because Lyla always stupid crap like this.

"How do you want to do this ?"Calum said.

"I don't know "I said with base in my voice. I did t want to do this because me cal have a weird best friend making out friend with benefits relationship.i leaned in and pecked his lip I quickly backed up as cal pulled me closer to him and started doing a serious make out session. Of course me having some type of feelings for him kept kissing him.Lyla had to open the curtain.

Haha what the heck are you guys doing ,I didn't think you would start making out like maniacs.lyla said while laughing.i quickly grabbed my jacket and ran off.

Calums POV

When me and addy got into the booth she pecked my lips, I grabbed her body closer to mine and we had a like twenty minute mahout session. She took off her jacket. Then suddenly the curtain opened and Lyla started cracking jokes. I didn't know if she was drunk or whatever, but it wasn't cool.Adelyn ran out the booth. She grabbed her jacket.i got out the booth and looked for her .She wasn't that far .she was sitting on a bench crying . I sat next to her and put my arm around her.

"Addy what's wrong?"

"What's wrong Calum , you tell what's wrong.!"

"Addy I still love you even when people crack jokes it's okay."

"Cal we always end up in this place ,we are always kissing.were suppose to be friends cal not friends with benefits.

"What if I want to be more than just friends addy"

"No, cal that can't happen you can't want to kiss me every time you see me .i shouldn't want to kiss you every time I we you!"

"Addy, calm down its okay, it's okay"

"No it's not okayyyyyy" she said while crying. I lifted her chin up. Her makeup was running but she looked perfect. She starred at me ,she moved closer and I moved closer before I knew it we were .............

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