love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


3. it feels good

Lyla' POV

I saw a girl with ombré wavy hair, and a boy with brown swayed to the side hair. They were dripping with water,and looking like they were in love or something. She glared at me and asked what I was doing in the principals office.of course me being the polite person I am introduced myself.(Lyla has Long dark brown hair with dark. Purple tips, she has light brown eyes .She is wearing a pleather skater skirt with a black crop top.She is wearing ankle boots with knee high socks.)

Adelyn's POV

After my mother talked to me and Calum about ditching class ,she let Calum go.As Calum was leaving he winked at me .My mother kept me in her office the whole day.When it was finally time to go my mom packed her things and told me to get in the car. "Why did you ditch class with Calum on the first freakin day of school Adelyn, do you know how bad that makes me look ,huh!?

"Because me and Calum were bored and it isn't like the gym teacher does anything but yells at us."

"Adelyn , I've taught you better than this ,I don't know why You have been acting out,"

I ignored her and put in my headphones.I started texting Calum about what just went down with my mom. When I got home I put on an over sized t shirt and some maroon thigh high socks. I went on some social media and went to bed.I woke up to the smell of some proper breakfast .My mother made us some breakfast ,we sat at the table like a family for a change and just talked.After I ate I went to get ready.I wore a army green jacket with a white crop top,and some dark washed high waisted shorts. I put on my addidas and parted /straightened my hair.Calum was coming to pick me up today so I waited a couple of minutes for him to come. I heard a honk and knew it was him.So I got in the front seat and talked. "So about the kiss"Calum said.

"What about it , its not like if meant anything "I said ,but I knew it did mean something, I just didn't want to talk about it. So Calum looked at me and I looked at him in silence.i turned on the radio to block out the awkward silence.When I got out the car I walked up to that girl I saw yesterday in the office .after that minute I knew it would be a good friendship that would last. Me and Calums friendship went back to normal and everything was good. A few months in to school we were told that we were having an off campus field trip for a whole 3 days. The teacher said," the trip will be to a historian camp. You will travel and leave with the people you came with. You will also sleep in a cabin with 4 other people."I didn't really care who I got paired up with I just wanted to go.At lunch me Calum and Lyla talked about how excited we were for the trip but it was in another month or so.

Calums POV

After addys mom let me go I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss. I was so confused what it meant .After school I walked to my house.I got a text from Adelyn . She asked me what I was doing so I lied to her and said Homework .I wanted to avoid talking about anything .When I got home I took a hot shower .After I got out I was about to text Adelyn but I Stopped myself. I just went to sleep.My alarm went off and I remembered it was my day to drive to school so I did something with my hair ,put on some black skinny jeans,a white tee ,and black vans. I was obviously running late so I took a granola bar and left. I got to her house 10 min before school and honked my horn.I Opened the door for her.we talked about what happened and what it meant .Addy said it didn't mean anything .I just agreed with her because I didn't want to lose her. I didn't know what I felt for her but I didn't want it to stop.

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