love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


2. Is this love?

I turned around and said,"hi I'm Calum". She said,"hi I'm Adelyn". Little did I know this was the start to a loving relationship.

Adelyn's POV

The day was going well Calum seemed nice ,he seemed

different . After 8 long periods of class it was finally time to go home. I wanted to get to know Calum , he seemed interesting .

The year is 2013

"BEEP BEEP BEEP". Another day of of prison . "High school" . I yelled,"you have to drive me and Calum to school ,wake up Trent . " even though I knew Trent wasn't awake I didn't care I just wanted to get through the first day of high school alive. I tied a flannel over my waist ,put on some combat boots , I wore light washed jeans ripped in the knee , and a wight v neck shirt.I went down the stairs to eat some fruit snacks and Oj .As Trent walked down the stairs struggling o see without his contacts ,I rushed to grab my bag ,and put my curly hair in a high pony tail. I walked out side to see Calum leaning on a tree jamming out to some type of rock music. I poked him in the back of his neck with my finger.

I gestured hey. He waived back and winked.I bursted out laughing ,because it is a inside joke.

Calum took out his earbuds and kissed me on the cheek. I paused for a minute and looked at him funny and said,"well are you coming."

He let out a breath of relief and said ," yeah of course."

Calums POV

I Walked up to Adelyn's house and leaned on a tree. I listened to some type of rock I found on Spotify . I felt a poke at the back of my neck and immediately knew it was her. She gestured hi to me and I waived back to her . I winked at her and she started laughing uncontrollably . She looked so innocent at that moment . I kissed her on the cheek ,she paused and looked at me .she smiled and said"well are you coming?"

I said back to her "yeah of course."

We talked about how crappy are schedules will probably be . We knew that we would have all classes together because of addys mom(addy -Adelyn) when we got out of Trents car we were happy this was the first day of school.Addy grabbed my hand and we walked in together . We looked at our schedules and we had every class but French together . When it was gym me and addy ditched class and went to the school pool instead . We just talked and laughed. I pushed her into the pool . She giggled and smiled until she figured out her phone was wet.I offered to help her out but instead she pulled me in. I splashed her and she jumped on my Back, I grabbed her off and kissed her . Addys mom walked in with a parent and looked furious.

Adelyn's POV

After Calum jumped in I climbed on his back and he pulled me off and kissed me. My mom and some parents walked into the pool room and watched me and Calum kiss .After I heard the door slam I stopped kissing Calum and looked who walked in. Just my luck it was my mother ,I knew their would be problems, but

At this rate i did not care . It felt right. My mother excused her self from the parents and took me and Calum to her office. Me and Calum looked at each other.As we walked in we saw a girl who looked Indian And,who looked my age sitting in the chairs. I sat down and asked why she was in my moms office.She said ,"these are my parents who are getting interviewed .I am lyla.


This chapter is filled with a lot of my time so I hope you like it😘

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