love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."



As I sat on the bar stool waiting for Cal,I went upstairs to hurry Calum up he was trying to put on his Converse as I barged in.

Calums POV

As I rushed upstairs in my towel I shook my hair and put on a black muscle tee, light washed ripped in the knee jeans ,and a green and black checkered flannel around my waist. I put on the Christmas socks Addy got for me last year and slipped on my no tie converse. Addy barged in rushing me . I laughed and swung my book bag on my back .I ran downstairs racing her.she grabbed her ziplock bag filled with mixed berry captain crunch and drank her box of water. I grabbed my beanie and walked out the door.It was about 8am and school doesn't start till 9 me and addy walked through the park, and swung on my the swings. Addy jumped on my back and poked the back of my neck with her fingernail. She giggled and smiled as I flinched. She was about to fall off my back but I caught her as she was about to flip off.


Adelyn's POV

I Saw lyla walking to her locker as me and Cal ran up to her and said,"what's up "

"Nothing ,why are you guys like just getting here your always on time?"

"We walked through the park because believe it or not we were actually early before ." Calum said.

Me Lyla and Cal walked to first period . Lyla was of course going with her boyfriend Dylan and me and Cal usually walked as "BUDDIES" we got into first period and hours flew by it was now gym. I hate gym because the coach usually only cares about his precious football team. Me cal and Lyla ditched it like normal and she didn't even notice.we went to the basketball court and just jammed out to Rock. After about 30songs we just sat on the bleachers.we drank Coke and ate honey buns from the vending machine. I payed my head on cal's lap and elevated my feet on Lylas knees. I scrolled through my Instagram until it was time to go.


Me and Cal walked into my moms office and kissed her bye, lyla Calum and I were going to lylas parents lake house for spring break. Lyla drove me and Cal to his house to get our bags.I quickly took off my shirt in Calums room as he walked in. I was wearing a tank top so I really didn't care.

"Are you excited for the road trip to Virginia.?!"

"Heck yes Calum!"I said while laughing. "Get out now I'm trying to change "

"No !"he said while walking out.I threw a pillow at him .I put on a American eagle sweat shirt with some black joggers and my brown uggs. I ran downstairs as I saw Calum putting the bags into Lylas trunk. I jumped into the backseat with a few other friends and Calum. After hours of driving we stopped at a 4 bed hotel. My two other friends shared a bed Lyla shared with the other friend and me and cal shared , after we unpacked our things we drove to inn and out burger.It was late when we came back so when me and cal got home we fell asleep.

Calum's POV

After hours of driving we stopped at this crappy hotel Me and addy were hungry so we suggested going to eat something other then chips and cookies. After we are I took off my shirt and hopped into the bed with Addy . Adelyn rested her head on my chest and she quickly fell asleep. I wasn't that tired so I cuddled her under the cheap hotel crappy blankets. She was squirming around even though I knew she was asleep. She moved her hand on my chest and put her head on top of her hand which was on my chest. This didn't feel awkward because me and Addy were close and like siblings with benefits .


It was about 10 in the morning when I woke up on Calums bare chest. Calum woke up about five minutes after me with messy hair .i poked him in his right cheek with my left hand. He started laughing . He got out of the bead and ate his leftover burger that was sitting on the chair from last night . I ran into the bathroom with my thigh high socks on and Calums muscle tee. I put my hair in a bun and listened to Melanie Martinez . I then got out and then Lyla and the others showered . I put on my sweatpants and a cropped top. I sat on the bed and watched Disney channel. Calum got dressed and jumped onto the bed and joined me watching wreck it Ralph . We left the hotel at about twelve and drove to Virginia . We got there finally . There was three separate rooms. Dylan and Lyla shared Karmen and May shared and Calum and me shared a room. There was two twin beds in each room. Be hen it reached around 10pm lylas lake party started. A bunch of random people showed up with beer and wine coolers. Even though me and Calum swore never to drink again we got drunk again but this Time it wasn't the afternoon.

"I know we said we would never drink but I ,Mean this a party and its spring break just one drink.'Calum yelled!

"Only one drink okay Cal,one drink."I yelled

"Kind sir two beers over here" Calum said in a funny historian accent .

"ONE TWO THREE .CHEERS!" Before we knew it we had two beers then three beers then what felt like one hundred and one beers. Calum put his arm around me and kissed me on my cheek . I told Calum I loved him and he said..................


Hey guys I hope you liked this new chapter Leave in the comments below who's your favorite character /OTP


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