love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


1. friends

Hey I am  Adelyn and this is my story......


Adelyns POV

I was born in 1999,and I have 3 older brothers Trent,Jordyn,and Mike.I live with my loving mother Joan.We live in NYC in a small town house . My mother works as vice principal of MCH {Manchester high} which is the school me and Trent go to. When my father left us when I was a toddler i felt like I could never love the same ,like I was alone even though my brothers were going through the same things.My best friend is Lyla .We met on the first day of high school.But my fist best friend is Calum or who I thought was my best friend.


the year is 2010

"WAKE UP YOU BIG GRUMP" Trent yelled as he jumped on my bed. "I am  awake so you can leave now " I said .But of course me being the big grump I am fell back asleep and,lets just say that did not help me in the long run.CRAP I am going to be late for the freakin first day of middle school. I put my ombre hair in a messy bun and wore black skinny jeans and a over sized sweater.I ran down the stairs with my tooth brush still in my mouth and trying to put on my black uggs.I tried to kiss my mom on the cheek but i  noticed that she was not there.So that meant that I had to ride the bus . Instead i walked because at this rate anything would be better than riding the bus . I put in my ear buds and walked . Finally I got to school, I tried to avoid human contact with my mother what so ever .I looked at my schedule and found out that I had  language class first in room #204.I tried to find the best seat possible because surprisingly I was the first person in class.A boy with brown hair sat right in  front of me, me being the crazy middle schooler I was poked him with my pencil in the  back of his neck.He looked at me confused and said ,"Hi I am Calum."I said," Hi I am Adelyn." but little did I know this was the start to a horror story. 


Calums POV

I walked in to see  a pretty girl with ombre hair listening to music.I sat down right in front of her.I was about to tun around to talk to her ,but i felt a poke in the back of my neck.

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