love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


6. drunker than drunk

Adelyn's POV

It was that time of the year when the woman's counsel for school has a preppy tea party or whatever. I absolutely hated going to those things because I'm kinda a tomboy, but my mom is forcing me to go. The party is today at 11am to 3pm. It went down stares. To grab a almond granola bar. Even though it was like eight in the morning my mom was rushing me to get ready . I put my hair in a messy fishtail to the side, a blue short form fitting dress , nude pumps, and a little clutch. After I got ready I was texting Lyla and Calum in a group chat

Me:Any of you guys want to come to that stupid tea party.

Lyla: No I'm busy washing my cat.

Me:😝 umm ok

Cal:sure I'll come .

Me :thx!

Cal :No worries

I was a little happy because I didn't have to be at that tea party by myself. Calum rang the door bell and my mom opened the door, Calum ran up the steps into my room.he was wearing black skinny jeans and a blazer. Calum and I talked about what we were going to do after the tea party. He told me about how his parents were out doing stuff, and that I could sleep over and we could do stuff. I agreed because it wasn't like I had anything better to do. So me and him went down the stairs to the car. My mother drove us to the principals house . I hated the principal and her little preppy daughter. Calum rang the bell and me and him looked at each other . As the door creeped open her dog coco ran out and her daughter Chanel opened it. I walked in without saying anything and my mother and Cal greeted her like nice civilized people which they aren't .on the buffet table there was cookies filled with jelly a whole bunch of teas and white whine . Calum took the whine and stuffed it in his coat .I started laughing and so did cal. Me and cal went to her second living room that nobody was in and just drank. Cal poured the first drink and said,"CHEERS"! we poured it into our tea cups ,before we knew it the bottle was half empty and we were drunk. Calum could barely stand and I was laughing all the time. I took the bottle from Cal and drank it all. I went to her basement to get a bottle of something else that would taste good, he followed me down there I grabbed the bottle and drank from it he took it from me when I was still drinking it it spilled but I didn't care I was having fun and was drunker than every one at a bar. The bottle was almost finished as Calum was drinking it the daughter of the owner of the house came down stairs to get a movie or something and she saw me and Calum drinking up her whole cabinet of alcohol . Me and Calum froze for like a second then started laughing I offered her the bottle .Calum pitched in yeah it is gooooood. She went upstairs and me and him shrugged our shoulders and continued drinking every last sip of alcohol from her cabinet . Before i knew it me and Calum smelled like alcohol .we went upstairs and we could barely speak. We were under aged and drunk. We walked into the dining room where the guest were and started dancing to classical music like it was hip hop. The whole room smelled of whisky, the guest looked at my mother like what is wrong with that lady ,i started laughing so hard . It was only one and I was drunk . I looked into his eyes and we kissed . When we unlocked lips me and him laughed so mother took me and Calum to his house since she thought that his parents were there.when i got there Calum was on his couch and I went to the bathroom and started vomiting , he made me some type of drink. I sat on the couch with him and I fell asleep in his arms. When I woke up it was like 7pm and I had a huge headache he was still sleeping but I woke him up .We went to his balcony and sat down. We sat in the same seat he put his arm around me. He nor me was still drunk he looked at me for a minute and kissed me I didn't stop ,it felt right ,like it was meant to be.

Calums POV

I was asleep on my couch and I got woken up. She asked me if I wanted to got to the balcony. I said yes, when we got up there we sat in the same seat she was about to say something ,but I stopped her by kissing her. She didn't stop me this went on for a while. when I stopped kissing her she put her head on me and I lauded on hers and we looked at the stars.


Adelyn's POV

As I woke up I was in Calums arms outside. I heard horns honking and traffic.I carefully whispered Calum are you up. He opened his eyes and smiled . He laughed I am now. I went on my phone and looked at social media and YouTube. I remembered the kiss we shared . I knew it would be awkward ,I only liked Calum as a friend I kept telling myself.He leaned in for another miss and I backed away.I walked into his house and went into the bathroom. I took my hair out of the fishtail and brushed my teeth washed my body and hair . Calum knocked on the door to see if I wanted breakfast or anything. I said no and just stayed in there . I walked out of the bathroom and put in my robe . I searched in my duffle bag for clothes . I wore a T-shirt dress ,and put my hair in a high pony. I walked downstairs to get some tea. Calum opened the bathroom door with a towel on I yelled at him to put Ina shirt. He started laughing and so did I . As he was walking upstairs I told him to hurry up and get dressed for school . I got my phone and waited for him on the bar stools.

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