love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


12. dinner??

Adelyns POV

That night ,I couldn't stop thinking of Calum. It was like a bunch of feelings just came back. I kept trying to keep them tucked away , but I just couldn't handle it.


Calums POV

Today i decided to text addy because ,I couldn't hold it in as hard as I tried. Deep deep down I knew I loved addy .

Me-hey yesterday when I saw you I thought it was weird that I just left ,so I want to apologize by dinner if that's okay🤔

Addy😝- yeah that sounds great you pick me up ok ?!!?!

Me-see u then

Addy -BYE☺️

I was a bit happy to see her I can't hide that

Adelyns POV

*BUZZ* I woke up by vibration from my phone on my face. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the phone. I thought it was Ashton because today he had to go into work and I didn't, he had no one to make out with. I looked at surprisingly it was Calum . I didn't know if I wanted to answer or not but I couldn't fight it and answered anyways.

Calum😘-hey yesterday when I saw you I thought it was weird that I just left ,so I want to apologize by dinner if that's ok🤔

Me-yeah that sounds great you pick me up ok?!!?!

Calum😘-see u then


I was really happy because I haven't seen cal in forever we haven't really hung out. I didn't have feelings for him.


I wore a two piece outfit that was all black with cut outs on the shirt. I put on my black stilettos and put my hair in a half up half down. I grabbed my royal blue blazer and waited outside . Cal pulled up in his car and I got in. He took me to this fancy place. You needed to be like twenty one to get in but cal like bribed him or something.

"What do you want to drink" said the bartender.

"Umm I don't know yet " I said while giggling. Cal ordered a beer , and I eventually got a drink which was like some type of margarita . Cal bought food and we just talked . It was like we never disconnected . It was getting late and I needed to head back to Ashton's house. Cal drive me back to ash's condo. As I walked out of his car cal grabbed my hand and poked it I smiled and hugged him. I ran into the house and slammed the door. I leaned on the door like I had a perfect day or something like the girls in the movies I took of my shoes and put them near the door and put my hair in a bun. I threw my blazer on the couch and walked into Ashton's room. As I walked in ,he walked out of the bathroom while drying his hair. I smiled as I greeted him . He kissed me gently and set me on the bed ,he laughed as he asked me where I was. I lied because I didn't want him to think I still liked Cal or something so I told him at a friends house. He went to get some pants from the dryer so I quickly changed into a cropped top and some shorts. He came back and sat in his bed.he grabbed something from under the bed and handed it to me . I smiled while biting my lip. He told me to open it and I did . It was a bracelet with my name in it . I crawled over the blanket and kissed him on his cheek . He moved and held my face. He kissed my lips and then pulled away. He told me he loved me as he pulled away .i pushed his hair backwards and smiled.

Ashton's POV

I heard someone come into the room as I was coming out of the shower. I dried my hair as I opened the door. I kissed addy and then got my pants. I had bought her gift so I gave it to her she was happy and I was happy. She cuddled me as we went to sleep

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