love me again

"Love me again."
"How can I love when I've never loved you."


4. dad?

Calums POV

I was too lazy to get out the car and it was all my fault

Adelyn's POV

When my mom was on her "business" trip Calums mom let me stay with them.One night me and Calum were watching Once upon A time , and I got up and went up to the guest room to get changed.I put on some mint green sweats and a white addidas shirt .I went through the kitchen to get some OJ and cereal.I came back to sit on the couch with Cal,He asked me if I wanted to go to the redbox to buy a movie.I said sure because I was a bit board. We drove to Walgreens because that was the closest red box.I got out the car because Calum didn't feel like it since I just went . As I walked out someone grabbed me and put a gun to my head.I screamed but Calum couldn't hear me because he put his headphones on.This guy shoved m into his trunk .I couldn't breath I was terrified,the only thought that went through my mind was what Calum was thinking.

Calums POV

I was too lazy to get out of the car so addy went out .I Put on my headphones and went on snapchat. Addy was gone for a while so I got out the car to see that her purse was left on the floor and no sight of her.I texted her on her phone

Where are you

She didn't text back I knew it was my fault , I just wanted her to come back .

Adelyn's POV

I heard my phone ring, I knew it was Calum looking for me. I wanted to text back but my hands were stuck under my legs . The car jerked and I hit my head on the back of the trunk.As I was waking up I was being carried into a hotel. I saw twi other girls who looked hurt and abused.As I looked even closer to the man I noticed he looked like my dad.I bursted out in tears and he slapped me . There was blood bags and drugs everywhere . The man took a pill and shoved it in my mouth. As I was blacking out I saw a needle go into my skin.

Calums POV

As I saw a man drive away I followed him because he looked suspicious .


So hey guys I just kinda posted a filler chapter but it is getting good so I hope you like it🙊

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