I met him last August. And no, our eyes didn't meet across a crowded Times Square, or one of those hipster coffee shops as he helped me pick up dropped quarters. He wasn't playing guitar in central park, or wooing me from my bedroom window. It was a lot less cliche, but twice as memorable. Or at least, that is what it became.

I'd landed a job as a fairly back stage reporter, living in the shadows of the higher-profiled. Nevertheless, it was a dream for me. Something I'd always wanted to mount to but had never taken the first step. To be able to call myself a journalist felt as surreal as becomming one, and I could finally make the world aware of me, and myself of the world.

And I had shadows of my own, but I had never looked back to notice them. It wasn't until my first case, that I looked back for the first time, to be met with the stare of someone I was soon to know. I just hadn't been aware. They say that to make headlines, something big has to happen. And so, it did.


1. Storms.

I remember once, I asked myself, why storms were named after people. I didn't understand it, we weren't destructive. But now, I know why. Now I know why and how we can be compared to such horrific acts of God, or whoever may be up there. I know now how painful love can be, how the taste of a person's lips you once yearned for now feel cold upon your skin, taste sour in your mouth.


I wish I had been more careful, or insightful enough to consider the consequence of my every action.But people aren't like that, especially not people so madly in love they are blind to the grey abyss of the rest of the world. The only color they see...is in them. 


Thinking of them now, the only color I see is black.

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