Sycamore Rogue

What's the difference between an Outcast and a Rogue? One will come back for revenge.


1. Prologue- Irony of the Sycamores

They aren't allowed in the city. Near, yes. But never in. Seventy feet away from the walls. 

It's because they grow to be so massive. They start out as a small thing, you could carry a hundred easily. And yet a hundred sycamore trees makes for a forest of it's own. 

High King Drim planted the first one. A small seed, he said, grows to be a tree. So will this kingdom. He planted it in the middle of the city. But all the buildings around it were uprooted and grown into. 

The Sacred trees. But only the outcasts live among them. 

Such is the irony of these lands. 

We were rejected by the land. Perhaps illegitimate birth, or a disfigurement. Maybe a crime not worth a death penalty. They send us from the city walls to live in the woods. As children, horrible stories were spun. Monsters are starvation. Freezing nights and water that makes you ill. 

It is true that many die. But not all. 

They say that there are three classes of people. The Elites, the Prevalants, the Outcasts. But there is one more class, those that rise from the Outcasts. 

The Rogues. 

And we are coming back. We will emerge from the safety of your sacred trees. The Sycamores threatened to uproot your houses and crumble your wall, and we will return to finish what they began. 





Epic cover photo by Leafbreeze7. You can view her Deviantart profile here:

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