Sycamore Rogue

What's the difference between an Outcast and a Rogue? One will come back for revenge.


7. Crest's Character Chart

This is just a fun thing I threw together to help get Crest's character well rounded. I thought some of you might enjoy reading it. Be warned, there are some spoilers for all three books. 

Name: Crest, Robyn Hood

Nicknames: None

Age: Changes

Gender: Female

Hair: Shoulder-length, brown.

Eyes: Grey with streaks of green.

Skin: She has fair skin from living in the shade of the Sycamores.

Any identifiable features: Various scars all over her body, but that’s rather normal.

Build: Fairly small, very muscular.

Physical quirks: She has a bit of a slouch from always crouching in trees. Generally wearing a death glare.

* * * * *


Dominate Introverted Feeling (Fi)- Crest is very quiet about her private affairs and personal life, what little there is of it, when speaking to people she doesn’t know well. She won’t answer questions if she doesn’t want to, and tends to internalize her stress.

Auxiliary Extraverted Sensing (Se)- She refuses to fully conform with either the Outcasts or the Rogues, and when she’s with the Elites she makes a show of being different. Being in the spotlight once made an Elite often brought anxiety attacks. Her thought process moves very quickly, and generally focuses on action. She can be overwhelmed if there are too many physical and sensory details around her.

Tertiary Introverted Intuition (Ni)- Crest isn’t very focused on the long-term, but she can focus on the details and current problems in order to get them out of whatever mess they’re in. She always sees her plans through to completion.

Inferior Extraverted Thinking (Te)- She is extremely task-oriented. Crest is gifted at organizing people to accomplish whatever is necessary. She’s also very intelligent, if unlearned, and good at debating. She communicates bluntly via facts, avoiding emotional communication despite having a deep reserve of emotions herself. She’s not particularly ambitious, but is never afraid to take action when needed.

Primary/Secondary Lenses:  Gold/Blue. She’s very organized and methodical in how she approaches things, but underlying are her needs for connection and emotion. She can be very sentimental towards her new family, although she denies it.

Love Language: Acts of Service, because it was merely helping Enoah, Alahn and Yasri that caused her to care for them. Quality Time for the same reasons. Gift Giving and Receiving so long as it’s helpful (tying into the first), then Physical Touch and then Words of Affirmation.

Positive words to describe them/their actions: Logical, fiercely loyal, capable

Negative words to describe them/their actions: Hardened, removed, ‘trigger-happy’, pessimistic, refuses to acknowledge her emotions, fierce, territorial

Strengths: Cautious, quick to action when called for, very capable ‘in the moment’

Weaknesses: Not good at long-term planning, used to living ‘day-to-day’. She tends to overlook morals and ethics, much to Enoah and Alahn’s dismay.

Fears: She fears for Enoah, Alahn and Yasri

* * * * *

Family: Her father is an Elite, her mother a Prevalent slave. Her surrogate father was Bhar, a hard and abusive man. Enoah is like a father to her now, Alahn has been like a brother and Yasri like a daughter.

Friends: Alahn is her closest friend, and Iames, while aggravating to Crest, is a close friend as well.

Lover/Spouse: In the final book Crest falls for the Prince Heir.

Home: Her home has always been the Sycamores.

Items they usually have on their person: Bow, an oil-cloth quiver filled with arrows, spare string, knives.

Hobbies/Sports: Tree-climbing, archery.

Random information: Because she was born illegitimate, she was outcast. As an infant she was found by Bhar. Bhar raised her kindly at first, but after seeing a close friend die he grew extremely harsh and forced Crest to become just as tough. He called her Robyn, supposedly because he had been watching a robin when it landed on her, making him realize she was there.


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