Tour life


1. Beginning.

Pre tour

I'm Lacey, Luke Hemming's Sister. I'm going on tour with my brother, since he really wanted me too. The only problem is that I have a monster crush on my best friend Ashton and all the boys can tell. Let's hope this goes well...

Lacey POV

Day 1: "okay it's only 5 months" I thought to my self. I put on my black high waisted shorts, a black crop top and a pair of white converse. I got my bags and went downstairs. " Mom I'm really gonna miss you!!" I whined. "Oh uhoney I will too" said Liz. I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Bye" I said. "C'mon lace!" I heard ashton yell. "Comin!" I screamed back.

Calum eyed my outfit as I walked out of they house. I heard him mutter "damn". I just rolled my eyes and got into the bus. This I where it all starts.

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