Bloodsucking demons (supernatural)

This is my first story online so plz go easy on me. Its about Sam and dean on a job someone has been killed and has fang marks and a girl has been kidnapped and her boyfriend has been grated to pieces.


1. bloodsuckers

Bloodsucking demons

It's 7 in the morning and dean and I drink our morning coffee, it's been three days since we had been on a case I was browsing on the news I saw a news article it is only two days old it's a 19 year-old girl found death in her room with strange bite marks, it can only be a vampire. "Dean, I have found something that can only be vampires, here read" He read it with big eyes. "We leave immediately," he said suddenly. We left immediately as dean said it happened in New Orleans, so it was a three-hour drive. We talked a little about what kind of vampire we could deal with. When we finally arrived, it was open house at the girl's family so we just went in and did as usual (lie). We found the girl's father "Hello, we're from the FBI," said dean to him and we showed our 'false' badges "we are here to investigate closer at their daughter's murder we just need you to answer a few Questions, no bigi we just need to Know when did you last see her before she died, and when they found her did you noticed anything unusual besides the bites?" He asked. "After all, there was no trace of anyone or anything, it looks like vampire bites but it is impossible they do not exist" "you should not be so sure," mumbled dean I gave him an elbow in the side to get him to keep his mouth shut. "Ok thanks it was all, we are very sorry about your daughter," I said and we left. "Why did u hid me Sammy"? "You mumbled something you should keep to yourself, and don’t call me Sammy" "sorry, but that’s your name" "let's get back to the hotel so we can prepare ourselves, we must find the vampires she will probably not be their last victim" "ok I will pack the weapons we need, you will find some possible places they could hide somewhere far away from humans and hunters" "I know dean " "just trying to be helpful little brother" "you are too helpful, now find the weapons" I were looking for abandoned buildings in the woods where mostly no human would go, I found something, an old fire station. "Dean, I think I have something come and check it out an old fire station!" "It could be there, we will have to wait until tomorrow to check it out, it's late and we have to get some sleep, and its best to do it at dawn anyway, when they are asleep" "yes I suppose, goodnight dean" "goodnight Sammy" the next morning I got up early to do some more research, I found a recent report for a missing girl from this morning she was taken from her boyfriend’s car out near the woods, the boyfriend was killed brutally, blood all over the car. We need to check that out.

“Dean!!! Wake up we need to go, we have a new murder, and an abduction!!” he hit his head in the pillow “just five more minutes Sammy” “ no we got to go talk to the parents, get up dean, now!”

“Ok, ok I'm up” we went straight to the girls house and cached the parents, “Mr. and Mrs. Geordan I am special agent dickens this is my partner Davis, we just need to ask some questions it will give us a better chance of finding your daughter” “ I understand that she was with her boyfriend when it happened ?” “Yes, but she was going to break up with him” “and why is that?” she said something about a boy named Steph, I think she met him in a bar, when she was out with her friends a couple of weeks ago”. “Ok can you tell us more about him, maybe an address ore anything that can help us find him?” Jessie said that him and his brother live in a cabin out in the woods, we don’t know much about him, we met him once he didn’t seem very nice, he had a tattoo of a bleeding girl on his left arm and he seemed pale he had black hair with blonde stripes, I really hope for you to find our little girl, please bring her back to us” “we will try our very best sir, thank you”. “We’ve got to find them dean they are going to make her one of them if we don’t find them” “ok let’s check out the place you found yesterday, and then the cabin” so we went to the old fire station and they were definitely here now they are gone looks like there were about five of them, they must have moved up to the cabin. “Sam I found a bracelet, it says Jessie It’s hers”. “Good then she was here, they must have moves up to the cabin let’s go!” we drove near the cabin, and there was a truck they must be here, the haven’t set yet, so they must still be sleeping. We went inside and sure enough they were sleeping, “Sam! You find the girl I’ll keep a lookout” I went into the kitchen and down to the basement, and there she was “hey Jessie? I'm Sam I'm here to help you” I opened the cache and got her out, “Sammy!!!! Get her out now!!” I heard dean scream, they most have woken up. “We need to get out now!” we got out the bag door, and a shot was fired, and then dean flew out off the door and we ran to the car and drove away. “We need to go back! We need to kill them all!” I said. “Latter Sammy latter, we need to make sure Jessie is safe first” dean said. “Please stop calling me Sammy dean!!”I said frustrated “I´ll try” he laughed. “You’re just doing it to annoy me!” I sulked “maybe” he grinned. We had dropped Jessie off and told her parent that Steph had kidnaped her and used her. Then we drove off to deal with the rest of the vampires back at the cabin. When we were done we got a call from Jessie’s dad he was all upset and told us that Jessie had killed his wife and that she drink her blood, we hurried to the house and Jessie was gone, he then told us that she Sayed she would pay the local bully a visit, “she won’t stop with that bully she won’t stop till she have killed all who have been bad to her I know it” oh no. “Where dose that bully live” dean asked “ten blokes from her that way” he said while pointing us to the left. We got there just in time she hadn’t killed someone but she was on top of a big girl the bully I presume. “Hand me the colt” dean said, I gave it to him and he shot Jessie right between the eyes. We tried to explain it all, and then we got our thanks and hit the road. “That was tight we saved a girl and then she killed her mom and we had to kill her, a waste of time ha Sam?” maybe. “Well I guess so, at least no one else is going to die”

“Sure Sammy!!” ahhhh “dean!!!”

The end

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