Sexy Peel

It was simple..completely simple. All I had to do was pretend to love him and date him, then get as much information as possible. Easy right?


2. One

Lacey Thomas

You see Monday started out like every other Monday. We all hated it, we as in us teenagers at White Chapel High School home of the Michigan Snow Owls.

Monday's were always the coldest, teachers were meaner, and they had mashed potatoes and steak nuggets in the cafeteria. See my point now.

But today was was the day Axel Robinson came to are school, and as you can probably tell he was a total hottie with girls after him.

But he was dangerous...evil really and I for one was in for a treat.



First chapter just giving you a quick over view of it and the second chapter should give more detail and tell a lot more of characters.

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