Remember me

Newt and Chuck completed the challenges that gave them a second chance to life,
Will they live happily ever after or will their luck burn in flames?


2. Tommy?

Chuck and I were guided to another room later that day.



But not by Janson.

Janson died.


But anyway...


Chuck stood nervously behind me as i knocked on the brass door three times, I heard many shuffling sounds behind the door before,

"W-who is it?" 

"That's for me to  know and for youuuu to find out," I say happily, and then add.

"what do you say Tommy? Let an old friend in?"

There's more shuffling behind the door and muffled voices talking.

"STOP Minho don't open it! It aint him, he-he's dead. Remember?"

"But what if it is our old friend?"

"Then-then-then-" I hear crying as Tommy breaks down.

"Minho old friend, let me in."

"How do I know it's you?"

"Honestly! Just bloody let me in ya weak shank!" Minho laughs behind the door and I hear a lock being turned.

The door opens to reveal Tommy sitting with his knees hugged to his chest, Brenda comforting him from the side, Aris and Harriet eyeing me suspiciously and Minho at the door.

Thomas looks up and jerks when he sees me and Chuck at the door.

"N-Newt?" He whimpers, "Ch-Chuck? B-but I-"

"Killed me, saw Chuck die. Yeah yeah we know, we know. But we got a second chance, had to complete challenges. Blah blah blah." 

Thomas jumps up suddenly and runs at me, I couldn't do anything but stand still as the boy embraces me tightly.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!"  I laugh.

"Thank you."

He stares up at me with tears in his eyes,


"I asked you to do it. Thank you for doing it." I ruffle the boys hair and grin.

"Its boring up there without you lot for company."

Minho drags me and chuck into the room and we sit on the grey shag carpet talking for god knows how long!

Reunited after death.









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