Remember me

Newt and Chuck completed the challenges that gave them a second chance to life,
Will they live happily ever after or will their luck burn in flames?


6. Reality

The sun hurts my eyes as I open them, and I raise my arm to shield my face.

"Newt! You're awake?" Tommy rushes over and kneels by my side.

"Yeah." I croak, my throat is extremely dry, so much that it hurts to breath.

"You kind of... went crazy on us..." Minho says, nervously. Thomas nods.

"You said they cured you. Didn't you?" Thomas, adds. I give him a quizzical look, 

"I don't...Tommy..." I choke, "I don't remember."

Chuck sits next to me,

"She said that she cured you, but..." He gulps, "But, I read their information... and...It only gives you a few weeks..." 

Everybody looks at me sympathetically,

I sigh and flop onto my back in the sand,

"Doesn't mean you shanks have to treat me differently, okay?" a few nods, "OKAY?" I yell, "I know i'm gonna be one jacked up shank-"

"This time, Thomas isn't gonna kill you." Minho laughs looking over at Tommy, who winces at the thought.

I roll my eyes, "We are one crazy group."

"Good that." Chuck says, 

And for once, everyone laughs.

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