Remember me

Newt and Chuck completed the challenges that gave them a second chance to life,
Will they live happily ever after or will their luck burn in flames?


4. my cunning plan

I have a very cunning plan.

I smirk as I come up with an idea that might just get us out of WICKED headquarters,

"Brenda? You don't happen to have a hairpin?"

She gives me a look of pure confusion, and then rummages through her pockets,

"Bingo." She says suddenly, pulling out a black hairpin. She hands it to me and I jam it into the lock, I move it around until I hear a click and the door flies open.

"Tah dah! Freedom."

"Where the shuck did you learn that?" Minho laughs,

"My memory, I guess..."

I chek left and right before I lead the group out of the room, which I guess had been locked by the weird lady, also the key went missing...

(Just explaining a couple things)

We run down the corridors, glide round the bend and,

"Stop! We need you for the-" she stops herself.

"Heck no!" I yell, "chuck and I didn't come back to life to be a part of your bloody shuckin' experiments!"

I run after the group, who escaped before I did, and slid under the closing door.

Minho, Thomas, Brenda, Aris and chuck all sigh with relief before grabbing me and pulling me into a group hug.

"Right," I exclaim, "we're in the scorch now."

"Well done shank." Minho laughs, I glare at him and then state.

"We're gonna need some survival rules."

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