Remember me

Newt and Chuck completed the challenges that gave them a second chance to life,
Will they live happily ever after or will their luck burn in flames?


5. Inside the lines

We walked in a tight pack, for how long i'll never know, but my feet hurt, my ankles swollen, my eyes watering.

The sand gets caught in my clothes, and in my shoes, and despite the courage of my old friends, nothing seems to cleanse my sorrows and shake me from my 'mind palace'.


Sherlock Holmes right there guys... XD - Green x

I can't get rid of the feeling i'm missing something, a fatal memory.

"Tommy?" I whisper, a hoarse croak comes from my mouth while still in a daydream.

"Yes Newt?" Thomas looks out from under a thin covering he's sharing with Chuck, "Oh Newt, where did your cover go?" He looks at me concerned.

I frown, "I don't remember ever having one..." I cry out, Everyone stares at me, my face heats up.

"I don't remember much, who is she Tommy? WHO IS SHE?!" I scream, falling to the floor, losing my sanity all at once.

Thomas rushes over, "Newt? Newt? Newt listen to me, you're gonna be okay, Okay? Newt-" all I hear is painful whispers, taunting me, and then black consumes me.

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