Remember me

Newt and Chuck completed the challenges that gave them a second chance to life,
Will they live happily ever after or will their luck burn in flames?


3. Get the shuck outta here

We slept well that night knowing that our friends were lying next to us, and we woke early the next morning.

"Morning shanks, rise and shine!" Minho shouted the wake up call,

"Ngh..." I groaned and rolled over, desperately not wanting to get up.

"NEWTTTTTTTTTTTTT WAKE UP! WE'RE COUNTING ON YOU TO GET US THE SHUCK OUTTA HERE!" Minho yelled directly into my ear and I sat up unwillingly.

"I hate you right now." I groaned again. "Whats the plan?"

"We don't have a plan..." Tommy said, "We thought you might come up with one?"

I laugh, "Me? Come up with a bloody plan? Pfft... Sounds like..." I turn silent, "The good old days." I whimper dismally.

"Well it aint no use to us now eh, Newt?" Brenda laughs, "I wasn't even there!"

Suddenly a switch turns on in my head,

I have a very cunning plan.



Just some blackadder right there...


-Green Xx



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