Drown (poetry)

'I can't drown my demons they know how to swim'


1. 01



It starts so small,small

A minuscule seed sewn screaming into the nooks and crannies of the mind

It is bullying, driving 

these thoughts so dire and these dreams so bleak,


Sitting at the back of a classroom

though silent it still whispers,


crawling into your lungs,

my lungs,

poisoning them with violent shakes 

and my hands can barely stop

I can't stop

a quaking mess of confusion and heavy heartbeats.


I'm plunging, falling, drowning,

call it what you will


My head is on fire

and my heart is close to combustion



I am on fire but I am submerged 
sinking to the bottom of a black and blue abyss,

drowning in a sea of thoughts strung together in panic

going one thousand miles per hour

and I just can't stop.








I'm back

and everyone is looking,

except they're not

their heads are down 

not one lousy glance cast my way

because not one of them could suspect

that I had been lost at sea.



Important note- This is 100% my own experience with panic attacks and I understand not everyone has the same feelings and triggers these are simply how I see mine.






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