I fell...

A piece of poetry.
The workings of my mind plastered on a page for your viewing


1. I met this boy

He taught me to arise,

Arise to any challenges that may fog my path or hinder my dreams.

He taught me to stand,

Stand up for what I believe in and to escape from society’s screams.


He taught me to walk,

Walk with my head held high, even looking in dangers face.

He taught me to run,

Run towards him with open arms in a whirl of sophisticated grace.


He taught me to trust,

Trust him to let go of my inhibitions and instinct.

He taught me to jump,

Jump into the world with him side by side, any worry extinct.


He taught me to fly,

Fly high above the world, like a fairy tale come to life.

He taught me to soar,

Soar with the birds in hope one day he’d pick me to be his wife.

He taught me to fall,

Fall for him, fall in love.




I arose, I stood, I walked, I ran, I trusted, I jumped, I flew, I soared,

But he never taught me to land,


I fell.

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