Kylie has severe appendix cancer. The 'Make-A-Wish' foundation gives her a wish and, her being the 5sos fangirl that she is, chooses to meet them for a few days. What happens when she falls in love with a certain rainbow-haired boy? Are the feelings mutual?


22. Envious

Carly's POV

The look on her face when I walked in was priceless. Her jaw dropped, her eyes went wide. I couldn't help but to laugh. "Hey Kylie," I asked cheerfully, "how's your cancer? I mean, besides the fact that your dying..." 

"I'm fine, thanks for wondering," she said, sarcasm dripping from her tone, "Oh yeah! I just wanted to know, me being curious, when you two got so friendly?"

I looked at Chloe, who had become my friend, signaling with my eyes. I wanted to be the one to explain why, I had to be. "I'll start from the beginning, from when we met at school. When I saw you crying alone on a bench because you had cancer. I only sat down because I felt bad. You opened up right away and told me all your secrets. Well, except your parents, but we figured that out on our own. Anyway, when you started to get bad, I started to get jealous. At school, you became the most popular. Announcements were made about you over the loudspeaker, donations were made in your name. People only talked to me to tell me they were sorry for you. Life carried on that way until school ended. Then you made your wish, and I met Chloe. We hit it off and, out of jealousy, our plan against you came together. I don't regret a single thing," I concluded.

By now, tears were streaming down her face. I almost felt bad. Then I remembered the social plummet she had cost me, that was still affecting me. I smirked and Chloe and I left her there in her sadness.


A/N: Wow. I bet you didn't expect the whole Carly thing. I sure didn't. Btw, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 10K!!! I love all of you so much and hope you actually are enjoying this story!! I LOOOOOOOVE YOU GUYS!

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