Kylie has severe appendix cancer. The 'Make-A-Wish' foundation gives her a wish and, her being the 5sos fangirl that she is, chooses to meet them for a few days. What happens when she falls in love with a certain rainbow-haired boy? Are the feelings mutual?


3. D.C.

As we left the hospital to walk into the city, Michael leaned into my side.

"I like your hair. And you're really hot," He whispered.

Oh. My. God. I couldn't believe Michael Clifford just said that I was hot. He had to have been kidding. "Yeah, right," I whispered back, "That's quite a funny joke." 

"No, I'm absolutely serious," he whispered again, in that accent that I love.

I blushed and looked away, scanning the area for Carly and the other boys. I looked down at my phone and saw that I had gotten a text from Carly:

'hi, i took the others to the city. sorry we left you and mikey. but you guys can get to know each other...! -C

I sighed and looked back up at Michael, "It's just you and me. Carly took the others already."

"Okay, cool. Do you wanna grab some lunch?" Michael asked, excited.

Was he asking me on a date?

"If you are wondering, yes this would be a date." He said, answering my thoughts.

Obviously, I agreed. We got on the subway and headed downtown, which is where we decided that we could find somewhere to eat at. We wandered around until we found a sushi place that was fairly empty.

"How about here" we said at the same time.

We laughed together. We sat down and ordered some sushi. Michael started asking me random questions. About me, my favorite music, my hair. We talked about him too. Finally, the questions about my cancer came up.

"How long have you been sick?" he asked, seeming genuinely sympathetic and concerned.

"Ever since I was 16, so about 3 years," I replied. (She is 19) We talked some more about my cancer and about my surgery that was coming up. We soon left and arrived back at the hospital.

"Thanks so much for tonight," I said, "I had a wonderful time."

"Me too. We should do this tomorrow." He replied.

"Okay, meet me at noon." I answered

"Sounds good" and he walked away. Then he called my name and came rushing back. "Kylie, wait."


And then he did something I didn't expect. He smashed his lips to mine and I kissed him back. 

"I. Like. You." he whispered in my ear. And with that he walked away, with me standing there, glued to the spot, watching until I couldn't see him in the evening light.


A/N: You guys like so far? I do...! COMMENT IF YOU ARE LIKING THIS STORY!! I like them together. What about Luke and Carly? I think I'm gonna have them be together too.

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