Kylie has severe appendix cancer. The 'Make-A-Wish' foundation gives her a wish and, her being the 5sos fangirl that she is, chooses to meet them for a few days. What happens when she falls in love with a certain rainbow-haired boy? Are the feelings mutual?


1. Cancer

Some people don't know you can get cancer in your appendix. Well I, Kylie, am living proof that it is possible. Even though I go into surgery next week, they still don't know if they can save me.

"Kylie," my nurse said, "The 'Make-A-Wish' people called. They want to know if you have your wish prepared"

I had thought this through the night before.

"Yes. I would like to meet 5sos for a few days," I replied. I am a 5sos super fangirl and so is my friend, Carly. "Ooh, can Carly come too?" I questioned.

"Of course. It is your wish," the nurse said. "They say that the band can be here tomorrow."

I laid back down in bed. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

A/N: Do you guys like? I hope so. This is based off a dream I had last week. Lol.

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